League Of Legends: How To Lower Your Ping For An Awesome Gaming Experience

League of Legends, a game with more than a million players, has started even to gain more popularity over the past few months worldwide. It has become a primary entertainment source for most gamers, whether they play solo or play with friends. While we love playing every second of it, sometimes, lag spikes can destroy that momentum, making the game unbearable.

Playing with a low League of Legends ping is what every LoL gamer wants. It has become the main source of frustration for most gamers, especially when their ping gets uncontrollably high during certain times. Fret not – if you’re experiencing lag spikes and higher pings than usual, here are some methods that you may try to lower your ping.

However, note that even though these methods have worked for some, there are different activities and factors to consider. According to, these may work for some people, but some gamers may have to check ping online or also have to tweak and try a variation of these methods to find one that works for them. You need to try it out and see which among these methods will and won’t work for you.

Close Any Updates Or Background Installations

As easy as it may sound, many people often forget that they have their updates installed automatically. This is one of the common causes of lag spikes. When playing League of Legends, or any game, in particular, make sure that you pause all background updates and download. Prioritizing this will reduce those unwanted lag spikes and help you flawlessly enjoy the game.

Go to your task manager and check all the running background updates. End or pause some of the applications that you’re suspecting that’s eating up your bandwidth connection.

Consider Playing Wired

Wi-Fi or staying connected in a wireless network may be convenient. Yes – this is what most people are using these days. You don’t have to worry about wires tangling up, and it just saves you time. However, if you’re playing League of Legends, no matter how great your Wi-Fi router and modem is, there is still packet loss. Suppose you’re going to compare the ratio of packet loss for a device on wired connectivity, versus one on a wireless device. In that case, the wireless connectivity relatively shows a huge data packet loss.

This is one of the reasons why you must consider investing in a wired connection. Yes, it’s inconvenient at first, but it’s more stable, and it’ll give you a better gaming experience.

Check Your Bandwidth

We can’t stress this enough. The game relies on a lot of bandwidth. You must assess your internet provider’s bandwidth allocation. Also, check if other people are using the same connection and are using bandwidth with you simultaneously. This is one of the common causes of ping spikes.

What you have to do: If other people use the same internet connection with you, make sure that you allocate the maximum amount of bandwidth to your device. This way, you don’t have to suffer from ping spikes every time someone uses the internet.

Check Your Firewall Settings

This can be a bit too technical but bear with me. What is your antivirus? Do you have a firewallcurrently turned on? While these are nice features to have, some of these programs can cause high ping in League of Legends. Your antivirus may check all the incoming and outgoing packets – some may come through, but your antivirus software may block some of them. If it gets blocked, this is where you’ll experience ping spikes.

What can you do? Add the League of Legends program to your firewall, and even add as an exception the game to your antivirus program. This way, your security features won’t have to filter all the packets to and from the game, letting you play LoL seamlessly.

Check The System Requirements

You’ll probably be able to play the game with the minimum requirements, but to enjoy the game flawlessly, try and look for the optimal system requirements. Are your specifications enough to run the game?

Choose The Correct Server

League of Legends has multiple servers to choose from – just like any other game. This plays a crucial role in making sure that you don’t get high pings. How do you choose the right server? Easy – look for one that is nearest to your region. This way, there is a minimal distance between the game servers and your location.

The shorter the distance, the better and the more seamless your gaming experience will be.

Make Sure Your Drivers Are Updated

Driver updates are being rolled out for a reason – and if you haven’t done this for a while, stop whatever you’re doing and take extra time to make sure all drivers are updated. While the game may still run, there could be errors in the back-end, resulting in high ping and lag spikes.

Diagnose Your PC With Hextech Repair Tool

Riot has provided a Hextech Repair Tool that you may run on your computer. The software is straightforward – run it, and you’ll be given instructions on what to do next. After doing so, double-check your connection if you get a better ping.

Renew Your IP Address

Again, this may be a bit technical, but this isn’t as hard as it may sound. Just open your command box by pressing the Windows Logo + R simultaneously. Once you see the prompt, type in ipconfig /release. This will renew your IP address. Sometimes, this trick alone does the trick!

Call Your Internet Service Provider and/or Contact Riot

If you’ve tried all of these troubleshooting steps and still experience lags and high ping, try and contact your internet service provider to make sure that there are no outages or technical difficulties in your region. If it has been found out that everything is working fine, contact Riot so they can work with you and help you find a solution.

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