Use Your Gaming Knowledge And Write For Us

write for us at b4gamez.comIf you’re a gamer who loves to express himself, we might have a job for you. We at B4Gamez have always believed that the gaming industry is just about the games, not just developers. The gamers see the game in a different way and we might need that perspective from you.

A way with words is a must because you have to elaborate on each topic. As long as your idea and topic are relevant to our readers, we welcome you to try and write a blog. Of course, all the content you submit must be original and never-before posted. This means no copied content nor paraphrasing. Trust us, expressing yourself will improve your writing performance once piece at a time.

For everything you write, the information either has to be your personal opinion or facts coming from a legitimate source. The limit for word count doesn’t exist – the blogs have to be at least 1500 words.
Any recommendations you give, you have to provide arguments and reasons for. Before you submit content, check it for spelling and grammatical errors thoroughly. We don’t accept faulty content.

Although our demands seem a bit “scary”, don’t worry – the gaming industry is full of ideas for you to assume and to turn into quality pieces. We can’t wait to read your unique blogs and see which ideas you have at your disposal. If you think you’re the guy or gal for the job, don’t hesitate to contact us via email on [email protected] further information.