Best 10 Tips to Speed Up your Game Design Process

Best 10 Tips to Speed Up your Game Design Process

Nowadays everything is becoming updated. Game is one of these. Games take a huge part of our life and every gamer wants to make their own computer game. For making a game one has to follow many procedures like inventing unique mechanics, making graphic sketches, and choosing a soundtrack. But they forget to make it fluent. Maybe when it comes to playing it doesn’t run fast and unfortunately, it stopped.

Game design process:

Many people think making a game is so easy but actually, it is very critical. You have to take care of a lot of things. Nowadays it is gradually receding into the background. But if you know more options for improvement of various development environments then you can make games without code.

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There are many processes by which you can speed up your game and make it perfect. Now we are discussing the tricks by which you can make number one games very easily:

1. Coyote Time in Platformers:

Coyote Time in Platformers is one of the small but very effective designs for a gamer. In previous times there were many games like Super Mario Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog, etc that needed pinpoint jumping accuracy for making it from one platform to another. In this process, coyote time helps them with coding. It helps a user for a crucial jump as well as taking off and landing. If you don’t use it for your gaming it may not become user-friendly.

2. Ignoring Third-Person Controls:

When you use third-person control in your gaming then it becomes a more usable and best-selling product. It helps to ignore your controller input at times. It is also called thumbstick correction. When you choose it you don’t have to constantly walk into things. It helps your users to protect themselves from cars, trees, or rocks regardless of pointing the Joystick. With it, one should not have to be stuck anywhere.

3. Uncharted Enemies Have Zero Aim:

The uncharted games are a modified version of a Hollywood movie. We see in movies that a villain shoots towards the hero but they save themselves and are able to shoot the villain. Like that there are many games that follow Uncharted and are projected in a way that if you leave a cover and your enemy shoots you, then the bullet can not touch you in the first and second attempt which increases the tension of a gamer and the game becomes more interesting.

4. Work with efficient tools:

When you are making a game, using an efficient tool is very crucial. So always choose it carefully:

● You can choose HTML 5 IDE contract 2 for your 2d prototypes. It is perfect for short-time work and it helps you to forward the game for review towards your friends.

● You can also choose the tool Unity. It is perfect for prototyping and long-term work. With it, you can also go for native games.

5. Surgeon Simulator Phone Tricks:

It is a trick by which you can create a perfect game. You can put your phone number into your Surgeon Simulator. If you follow this process your phone will ring and you can hear pre-recorded voicemail messages. This message contains all tricks by which you can unlock a tricky level.

6. Rubber-Banding A.I.:

Rubber-Banding A.I. is a very useful trick for game design. It helps a gamer to make a great game. Here rubber banding refers to the game becoming competitive for every kind of player. Maybe you are a good player but you can not hold the first position every time, this action is for this trick. Because for a developer every gamer is the same and they make it for fun.

7. Speed Effects in Forza:

Speed is a very important thing for a game. When you use the speed effect in the Forza series then your running games become faster. It is a subtle trick that convinces gamers their car is going faster. It is nothing but an on-screen speedometer. In a game, it is really important to give good camera effects, sound effects as well as speed. With it, you can easily drive at 105 mph.

8. Tutorial Decides Settings:

It is a small but interesting approach when you are making a game. Although maybe your user has to go game’s settings menu to switch the X-Axis controls from regular to inverted, or vice-versa. So it can help them. You should use a quick tutorial at the starting of the game. It helps a gamer to know when they have to jump right or left or they have to look up. It is a simple but useful trick because you can know whichever direction they have to move the stick to look up changes the X-axis controls the setting.

9. Use pictures:

A picture tells a lot of words. So when you design a game, always use pictures in it. Take care if it is relevant or not because that helps you to illustrate a level’s layout and challenges well with a plan. It increases your teammates’ reading experience, which you cannot explain easily. It can help you. So always use this trick and make a properly prepared game.

10. Use analytics early:

GameAnalytics is a tool that helps you to track and plot all of that data for you. It can help you to track all the data of your tester. With it can know the number of times a tester fails to raise from a level. Or how many testers got through a given challenge. So you can get all their API and it helps you to know how well your game has been balanced. And your beta test series becomes relevant with it.


Games become a part of your life. When we play a game we feel relaxed and all our stress is gone. So as a gamer, update your gaming process and be passionate. Here are many companies who are helping you with this work. Click now for leading it recruitment agency Dubai.

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