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Buy WOW Classic Gold for Item Upgrades


The avid followers of the famous computer game, World of Warcraft or WOW know that gold is the game’s most common item. This is true because it’s the most precious metal in the real world too, but you need it to buy stuff in the game. However, gold in WOW Classic is difficult to come by. Often, in the course of playing the game, you will see rewards in copper and silver, but finding gold for more precious rewards can be very challenging.

Key Features

The simplest WOW Classic introduction is that it’s a special edition version of the World of Warcraft game. By playing this game, you can relive the original WOW version. This version features the original zones undamaged by the destruction of Cataclysm, old character models, the original PvP honor Grind, and complex talent trees. The key features of this WOW Classic include:

• An integration of friends list.
• You can report players using the right-click function.
• Modern framework to store your data rather than the original data system of the classic game.
• Support for colorblind players.
• Loot trading for raids.
• Modern Add-on and Macro interface.
• Higher settings for graphics included by default with a toggle between Recommended and Classic option.

Why do you need gold?

If you are a WOW game enthusiast who doesn’t want to enjoy the authentic experience of this popular game, then the WOW Classic version is the game for you. This version gives you the same WOW experience before “The Burning Crusade” launches. It’s also complemented by functional enhancement and an updated interface.

Just like in the original version, WOW Classic gold is a necessary commodity. Gold the currency used in the WOW universe, therefore, it serves several purposes, the most important of which is for you to purchase desirable necessities and accessories like:

• Mounts to make moving about easy and efficient.
• Items that you need for herbalism and alchemy.
• Reagents for leveling up your skills.
• … and more.

As you can see, owning gold in this game is crucial. Although earning gold is the most obvious solution, you may also wonder, can I buy WOW classic gold? After all, you must always remember that the WOW Classic is a game centered on the principles of efficiency, especially in acquiring currency.

Earning WOW Classic gold in the game

If you have played WOW in the past, you would already know the answer to the question, what is WOW Classic Gold used for? Next, you have to learn how to earn WOW classic gold. You can do this in the following ways:

• Gather then sell while leveling up
Gather professions as you progress from one level to the next. This will involve skinning, mining, and herbing, although enchanting can also help you earn since you can disenchant unnecessary gear drops then sell the materials. It’s not helpful to gather items only for your player to use. You can sell these items to other players engaged in more traditional professions in the game.

• Choose the profession for gathering
While there are different professions in the game, the best ones for gathering are:

  • Herbing
    This is a particularly good profession as some players use potions right away because WOW Classic involves a high risk of death and damage, especially when you’re at a lower level. You can use these potions as defensive elixirs or for healing.
  • Mining
    This is also a good choice and can be very useful in other professions including engineering and blacksmithing. The demand for this profession tends to increase as you get closer to a level cap. As a player, you have to remember that gathering professions won’t give you the same experience in WOW Classic as the live game. The time that you spend in mining and herbing is time away from leveling up.
  • Skinning
    You may consider this profession too, although it’s not as lucrative as the first two. It doesn’t take you away from leveling up since you will skin things after killing them. An advantage, though, is that you won’t have to compete for nodes, unlike with mining and herbing.

• Create another second character for the purpose of disenchanting
If your plan includes creating more than a single character then playing with them actively and leveling them up one at a time, this is a great way to take advantage of resting experience. Just make sure to choose an enchanter for your second character.
This has to be a character that you plan to level up because your character’s enchanting skill should also increase to continue disenchanting items with higher levels. Enchanting materials is very profitable, especially compared to the blue or green gear the items come from.

Buy your WOW Classic gold from reputable sites

If you want to buy WOW Classic Gold instead of earning it, which takes more time, you can do this through different sites. Just make sure to choose the site carefully to avoid falling victim to online scams. Often, the sites where you can buy WOW Classic gold offer other types of game currencies too. Your first visit to such a site can feel overwhelming because there are many options available.

You can speed up your visit by selecting the gold option for WOW Classic which, you will often find on the Homepage. Select the correct version then select how much gold you would like to buy. Usually, these sites also offer other in-game items like recipes, crafting materials, pieces of gear, and more. You can also add these items to your cart before making your final payment. Also, you should know that the prices quoted by these sites tend to fluctuate depending on the in-game prices. To get a great deal, create a character on a server with very cheap gold prices.


With the right resourcefulness and strategies, it would be very easy to make gold in WOW Classic. For instance, if you see that prices have gone up, sell your stuff at those prices. There are many guides online that you can follow to earn more money. But if you really want to buy WOW Classic gold out of the game, you now know how to do it!

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