Call of Duty Warzone: 6 tips to survive and succeed in the game

Call of Duty Warzone: 6 tips to survive and succeed in the game

Have you been struggling in Call of Duty for a while? Or are you a new game player who just wants to have a good start when it comes to this popular FPS battle royale game? Regardless of your reasons for seeking out tips to survive and win in the COD: Warzone, this is the best place to seek guidance.

We completely understand how challenging COD: Warzone can be, even with Undetected Warzone cheats. And that is why the following are the top six tips by pros of the game to help you succeed.

1. Focus on acquiring your loadout

If there is one tip that you must follow to the letter without even thinking about it, then it would be this one. COD: Warzone is an online FPS battle royale game. To increase your survival chances, you need the best setup to help you out. So, naturally, your first target should be acquiring your preferred loadout as quickly as possible.

Luckily it is something you can easily manage by collecting at least $10,000 in the game. Immediately visit your nearest Buy Station after that and purchase a Loadout Drop.

2. Focus on what you do best

There are many ways to play COD: Warzone and many strategies that you can employ. But there is one thing you need to keep in mind during the gameplay – play to your strengths. COD: Warzone is a challenging game in itself, and you can make it even more daunting by trying to copy someone else’s playing style. Not everyone is a master of shooting back-to-back headshots or taking other players out in close-range combat. You need to follow your own playing style if you want the game to turn out in your favor. Sure, there is room for adjustments, but you cannot copy someone else’s playing style without it impacting your gameplay.

3. Shoot only when you are sure about the kill

COD: Warzone is an extremely fast-paced game where you can be knocked out without even being aware of lurking danger. So, you mustn’t do anything foolhardy to leave you vulnerable to the enemy players. And one such thing you can do is shoot at enemy players without being 100 percent sure about your kill. Doing so will only leave you vulnerable to a counterattack but would also make other players aware of your position as well.

Now, if you are guilty of doing so earlier, worry not. You will be surprised to know how often veteran players make the same mistake. Simply wait for a more opportune moment from now on before taking that shot.

4. Be strategic when it comes to choosing the landing spot.

To win in COD: Warzone, you need to start burning your brain juices even before the start of the round. Your choices of landing spot can easily be the difference-maker in a game of such fine margins. Ideally, you want to land in a risk-free area, far away from other players and still close enough to contact zones. The latter is exceptionally crucial as you would like to complete these contracts and get those handsome awards as quickly as possible.

5. Always have spare shields with you.

We have already stated how COD: Warzone is a game of fine margins. It is the small things that make a huge difference when it comes to the final results of the game. And one of the finer things you need to keep in mind while playing COD: Warzone always has spare armor plates with you.

You can carry up to eight plates (three equipped and five on your inventory and satchel). Additionally, these armor plates are also relatively cheap, so you really have no excuses not to carry them.

6. Stay with your team

Regardless of how experienced you are, either with COD: Warzone or any other FPS game, this is not a game you can win on your own. You would need the help of your squamates, especially if you are up against a well-gelled team. So, it will help if you do not wander all alone and stick with your team. It is pretty easy for experienced players to pick our stragglers like you without much effort.

If you want to survive and succeed in the game, you should try these above-mentioned tips and you will see the difference.

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