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Top Picks by Expert Gamers: 3 Best Cheap Gaming Keyboard Review

gamers keyboard for best price

High definition online games need a perfectly aligned gaming rig that will cater to all your needs of some action-filled online games or strategic gameplay. Although this is true, you should not break your bank over one piece.

You need to save costs to complete your rig with a monitor, video cards, gaming mouse, headsets and other similar peripherals. The urge to buy the coolest and most expensive keyboard has dragged the progression of many game rigs of fellow gamers like you.

How would you feel if you could get all the cool features you need on a keyboard that is under $100? Our 3 best cheap gaming keyboard review will let you in on some keyboards that are affordable but still pack a punch.

How do you buy a gaming keyboard?

To get the perfect gaming keyboard, you should consider the following points:

Mechanical keys

The majority of geek gamers that are mostly interested in online games will prefer any other key type other than mechanical keys. Mechanical keyboards have mechanical switches under each keycap like typewriters, which makes them more reliable.

Mechanical keys also feel better and are the best option, they are also quite pricey. However, the following 3 best cheap gaming keyboards reduce the costs of purchasing a mechanical keyboard.


A keyboard with cool lighting effects can improve the overall look of your gaming rig and will boost your confidence as you take on your opponents. The lighting may also be useful for beginners who don’t know the location of the keys off by heart. Backlit keyboards help them very much, especially when they are playing in the dark.


When you buy a gaming keyboard, it might also be beneficial to buy them from the same brand to synchronize your peripherals easily. A gaming headset and mouse that can be programmed with the colors of the backlight of a keyboard will make your gaming rig look a whole lot of good.


A gaming keyboard is an investment in the success of your gaming, whether you play for fun or for business. As a result, when your equipment has a problem or dies on you in the middle of a game, you can really get frustrated.

This is the reason why you should buy a waterproof keyboard that can be pressed 10s of millions of times. Also, ensure that your keys will not fade away any time soon and this makes laser inscribed keys to be the better option.

The top picks: 3 Best cheap gaming keyboard review

Motospeed Inflictor CK104

The Motospeed Inflictor CK104 gaming keyboard is a sleek, lightweight and despite its massive keyboard with functions and features that are everything but lightweight. The Inflictor CK104 has been able to keep its simple look by using function keys.

cheap and good keywords ck104

You can get multimedia functions like volume control, play, stop and other functions by pressing the function keys, from F1 up-to F12. This gaming keyboard shows that you don’t have to get the biggest keyboard to get all the cool features.

The Inflictor also has a backlight which makes it easier to play in the dark or at night. The colors can show as a rainbow, wave or fixed color, in total there are 9 cool LED light effects that you can use on this keyboard. The backlight feature also comes with other great benefits like game-specific presets for games like Counter-Strike or

best chep keyword ck104 motospeed

League of Legends and other presets that are game genre specific. This setting makes the backlight only highlight the keys you need for that game or for the game genre. You can configure the presets with the settings that light up when you press each key and you can configure the presets brightness, speed and toggled modes.

The aluminum panel that houses this beast is hard to break and this makes the Inflictor durable and last longer. The keys are manufactured using PC+ABS two-color injection molding and can take up to 50 million clicks. The keys will not easily fade away as they use the two-color injection molding.

You can also lock the window key for you not to accidentally shut your game down by clicking that button. Another feature that has made the Inflictor compact and minimal is that it does now have a hand rest but rather has anti-slip pads which do almost the same task. This bad guy can be purchased at $49.99.

Wolf Way 104 Key Backlit USB Wired Ultra-thin Quiet Gaming Keyboard

The Wolf Way Ultra-thin Quiet Gaming Keyboard connected through a USB interface is very sleek in design and is the perfect gaming keyboard to carry around. You can use it in tournaments when you are always on the move or at home.

The Wolf Way 104Key Backlit USB

The Wolf Way gaming keyboard is also backlit which enhances its beautiful look as you can configure the settings according to your desire. It also has the feature of using function keys for multimedia ranging from F1 up-to F12. It is hard to oil this keyboard because of the surface of the panel and that surface makes it hard to slip.

The keys are floating from the aluminum panel housing that is ultra-thin and the keys are soft, silent and resilient when you touch them. This keyboard utilizes cool gaming keyboard LED lighting for its backlighting. The keys of the Wolf Way also don’t conflict for up to 26 keys.

Ultra-thin Quiet Gaming Keyboard For Laptop and Desktop

The use of the USB interface makes it more reliable than wireless keyboards that may have latency issues and sometimes disconnect while you play. Also, this keyboard is made out of environmental materials that have no odor. You can get this keyboard for as cheap as $23.99.


Motospeed K70 Waterproof Colorful LED Illuminated

The Motospeed K70 has a cool design which complements the backlight of this keyboard that makes it look extra cool. This design is not only about the looks because its ergonomic design makes it easy for players to feel comfortable by relaxing your hands.

k70 gamers keyboard motospeed

The casing of the K70 is rock solid and has adjustable angle brackets to make your gameplay more comfortable. Even if it falls, the casing will keep all the components safe and all it will take to use it again is just dusting it off.

It has a durable magnetic cable that enables it to transmit data faster, eliminating the risk of the keyboard freezing while you play. This is unlike any regular gaming keyboard USB. The keys don’t conflict and it always stays accurate which gives you a competitive advantage over them.

gamers keyboard good price with led light

Even when your energy drink spills all over it, the core waterproof design and drainage system will keep your keyboard running. This keyboard that surpasses all industry standards for durability is also quite affordable, considering all its features and functions. The RGB light also looks good and is configurable according to what you prefer for your gaming rig color theme.

The K70 also has effective hand rests to support your wrists while you play and make them hurt less. This will result in longer gameplay and impressive score results and gaming experience. In essence, this keyboard can be labeled the mil-spec of the keyboard because of its durability and its look. This is a great way of saving extra cash by buying gaming keyboard cheap. The price for this beast of a keyboard is $24.71

Bonus Recommendation: The Double-Skin Milk Pudding Keycap

To add to the aesthetics of your gaming keyboard, you can get a gaming keyboard keycap skin. The Double-skin Milk Pudding keycap makes the backlight LED effects much clearer as it shows the color through a neutral color.

key caps

This doesn’t eliminate any of the fun of a backlit keyboard but it sure does offer protection to the keys and components underneath. It can be used to protect what’s under the hood of floating key keyboards as it the most vulnerable to dust and other debris.

The keycap skin is specifically designed for mechanical gaming keyboards and it comes in the 104 keys format. You can get it in the standard layout or the corsair and razor layout. If your keyboard keys are not made of PC-ABS, or if they aren’t laser inscribed, the skin can delay the fading out of the keys you use often. It’s available for a cool price of $22.99 only.

The Verdict

Through the 3 best cheap gaming keyboard review, perhaps you recognized that the most expensive is not necessarily the best because you can get these gaming keyboards at a very low price in comparison to the price of other keyboards. Without compromising on the quality of gameplay and of the overall product, you can purchase these gaming keyboards at an affordable price.

To perform basic settings on these keyboards, you don’t even need software because they are manual. Whether you want to flash off your gaming rig at a gaming tournament or you just want to hone your skills, you can build your gaming for a far less price.

You can also use these gaming keyboards to boost your everyday productivity and the ability to work in the dark if you aren’t a decorated touch typist. The keyboards listed above pack a punch and are great for the basic or advanced set up of your gaming rig.

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