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Are gaming chairs good for back pain?

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Did you ever notice that all the professional gamers use gaming chairs with have almost similar straight back? Well, that’s not the only reason why people call them gaming chairs, but because of the functionalities, these chairs offer. They spend hours on the chair; so, they need the maximum support from the chair in terms of ergonomics and comfort. Gaming chairs are the best at supporting your back, improving your posture, keeping your spine healthy.

If you’re planning to get a chair for back pain and wondering if a gaming chair would do any good in the job, you’re correct. According to, relying on a gaming chair for back pain, and long sitting hours can be the best decision. Stick to the article to know the reasons why I recommend getting a gaming chair for the best back support.

Are gaming chairs good for back pain?

You can never sit on a chair for hours and expect a good healthy back unless you get the best chair possible. Here are the reasons you must get a gaming chair if you’re looking for the best chair for back pain.

Know how gaming chairs work

As far as the back support is concerned, the debate goes in between the office chairs and gaming chairs. Well, a gaming chair is preferable if you’re planning to spend hours behind the desk. Unlike office chairs, a gaming chair will come with more adjustability, which you can adjust according to your body shape. You can easily adjust the cair depending on your body’s height, width, and vulnerability points. When the other chairs lack somewhere, a gaming chair supports your whole body from your head to feet.

Adjustable lumbar support and recliner

Gaming chairs are popular for some very useful reasons; overdone adjustability for comfort is one of them. The lumber portion of your chair will come with a detachable cushioning that you can push up or pull down. It can support your whole back without any problem because it will have a strap that holds the cushion individually. Another feature you’ll like is the reclining mode; no matter what you’re doing, working, reading, or relaxing, it has your back covered. The reclining feature works with multiple angles up to 180° in the back to let you even sleep in it.

Wide seat and lumber padding


The seat of a gaming chair has its charm as you’ll get a wide and comfortable space to put your butt without cringing. It will come with high-quality material along with a very sturdy base to stand still no matter how much abuse you get it through. They are often spacious enough to accommodate your full body, even with the legs folded. They also come in water-resistant, so that you don’t have to pause your gaming or work for hours of drying. The lumber portion will have its padding to support your back no matter how long you’re sitting on it for

Wide neck and shoulder support

A chair with back support is not complete if it doesn’t have proper shoulder and neck support. The gaming chairs are the best in this section as they come with the best shoulder and neck support. You will get a wide neck cushioning that can give you a whole range of motion even while full reclining mode. Some will have a straight pillow for support or a neck pillow to roll around. You will also have two edges of shoulder support with cushioning for extra support if you want to have good support while lying.

Ergonomic design for the whole body

Unlike the office chairs, you will get whole-body support with a gaming chair without sacrificing an inch of the necessary body parts. You will get full ergonomic support on all your curves and lumps to stand against strain while sitting for hours. The handles, the spine, and hip, including the lumps in your waist, will have proper support while working. Its extra high back will accommodate all the curves on your spine and make you feel comfortable.

They have a higher weight capacity

If you have extra weight, it can be a big challenge to find the proper chair with a higher weight capacity. Most of the office chairs come with average weight capacity, which the obese people don’t find very comfortable. However, most of the gaming chairs come with higher weight capacity with a rigid metal frame. The gaming chair will not only absorb a massive weight but also can accommodate a large body comfortably. So, if you have a large body and a massive weight, go for a gaming chair to find the comfort you’re looking for.

Adjustable and tiltable armrest

While working for long hours with a mouse and keyboard on the desk, good arm support on the chair is crucial. Although some office chair may have height adjustment facility on the armrest, a gaming chair will have more. You can adjust the armrest of a gaming chair in multiple directions in height and tilt options. It’s adjustable in free height settings and tiltable for the left to the right direction as well.

Height and backrest angle control

Although almost any revolving chair will offer you the height adjustability, a gaming chair will have a better rigidity to it. It comes with class 4 hydraulic chamber adjustability and comes with sturdy metal frames underneath. The best part is, you can tilt the backrest of a gaming chair to a flat position at a 180° angle.

Final words

You can never expect a gamer to sit on a chair and finish playing within an hour or two. They all prefer gaming chairs because they can adjust almost anything on the chair and get the best comfort level out of the chair. The best part of a gaming chair is the reclining capability for different posture and whole back support. If you need a chair for back pain, getting a gaming chair will be the best decision. It will support your legs, hips, thighs, lumbar, lower and upper back, shoulders, and neck while sitting for hours behind the desk.

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