Gears Tactics: Release Date & Latest News

The good news is, Gears tactics, is just around the corner. But collectively, its arrival acts as the sixth installment in Epic Game’s stable, shooter-saga. With five iterations already to its name, Gears of War is one of the most beloved and long-standing franchises in existence. Over the years, we’ve seen countless renditions come and go.

Thankfully, many of them have stuck to the core theme, offering robust shooter systems and rocksteady gunplay.

However, on this occasion, Gears Tactics is set to be a spin-off to the mainline series. That’s not the only significant change, though. Additionally, in partnership with the Coalition, Splash Damage will be taking over the reins as primary developer.

What Genre of Game is, Gears Tactics?

That may sound like a silly question. But it’s far more relevant than you might think. Unlike other games under the Gears of War umbrella, Tactics is a turn-based strategy game. As a direct prequel, Tactics takes place 12 years before the events of the series’ initial entry.

In line with franchise lore, the Locust Horde remains humanity’s most substantial threat. With the government rendered useless, humankind’s last hope rests solely on a group of military survivors. Worse still, with odds firmly stacked against them, the evil monster-making genius, known as Ukkon, homes in on their position.

All in all, the overall premise shows plenty of promise. At least in the initial stages. That said, it’s nice to see some semblance of a story. Albeit slim as it may be. Especially true in a genre, not known for its heavy narration.

But before we unveil the release date, let’s go into the gameplay in greater detail.

During the game, you’ll manage and monitor your mercenary unit, switching out equipment, while upgrading squad skills. Meanwhile, players can assign unique loot, collected in the field, to anyone of their elite band of mercenaries — cool stuff.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, so patiently. Drum roll, please. I suggest you stay seated for the release date.

When’s the Game Coming Out?

Unfortunately for console-goers, Gears Tactics is coming out exclusively for PC and will be available for download on both Steam and the Windows store. That said, those in possession of an Xbox Game Pass at the time of release can also get in on the action.

The game launches worldwide on April 28th, 2020.

As an added extra, those pre-ordering a copy of the game get early access to the Thrashball Cole Character Pack, which includes Augustus Cole as a useable recruit. Alongside the Thrashball Armor Set, complete with rare abilities.

Final Verdict

Gears Tactics may be a departure from the familiar formula we know and love. Even so, perhaps it can still carve out a name for itself in the ever-popular turn-based strategy genre.

On the surface, it looks as though developers Splash Damage are pulling out all the stops to make Tactics a viable product. Let’s hope the hard work pays dividends.

What are your initial impressions of Gears Tactics? We want to know what you think in the comments below.

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