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Stephen Sharer New App Rocket Slide Interview

Stephen Sharer Rocket Slide app

Stephen Sharer created a new cool app called Rocket Slide, read the Interview to know about this new game that is now free to download on both the App Store and the Google Play Store. 

Why did you create Rocket Slide?

As an influencer, I’ve wanted to expand my creativity into experiences that my fans and I can take part in together. The Rocket Slide app takes a Sharer family tradition of building the largest homemade waterslide ever, and turns it into an experience that every fan can enjoy for themselves—which allows followers to be involved during these times while staying safe in the comfort of their own homes.

How do you think the app connects with the Sharer brand?

My brand is about epic experiences and having fun. There’s nothing more epic than flying through hundreds of worlds with a water powered jetpack and collecting sweet merchandise along the way.

What is your favorite part of the app?

I personally love using the jetpack while in the air. It’s so cool to click the screen and have your phone vibrate as the water comes out the pack. Also at the beginning, it takes so much skill to hit the “pink” power meter at the beginning, so I love the strategy there.

What element of the app will players love the most?

Players will love the ability to slide down our backyard water slide, fly through the air, and collect coins and merchandise along the way. It’s so unique to the Share the Love brand, as it takes our real life experience and merges it into a video game.

Who did you partner with to create the app?

We partnered with Broadband TV.

What was the partnership with BBTV like?

They were fundamental in helping us take a real life Sharer family experience and turn it into a video game. They were a great team to work with throughout this project.

What is your favorite world?

How can I choose one?! There are so many to fly over, but my favorite would have to be the mysterious temple once you get far enough along in the game.

Walk us through how the game is played?

First, you start at the top of a slide. Then use the boost meter to try and maximize the power on your way down the slide. Your initial speed determines how far you will launch and fly through the air. You then can use your water filled jetpack for an extra boost as you go over different worlds. As you continue to play, you collect coins and unlock new merchandise for the character to wear. You also can upgrade your jetpack power, slide height, and coin bonus to go even farther on the next run! The farthest distance wins!

What’s the highest score you’ve gotten while playing the Rocket Launcher game?

Right now I am at 13983 meters, but I’m working my way to the mystery temple. I just need a few more coins to access more of a jetpack boost!

What was the most challenging part about creating a gaming app?

I think the most difficult part in creating a video game is choosing what features go in the initial video game launch. Obviously I have a million ideas of where I want the game to go and what features to add, but they will have to be introduced over time. I also chose which features to introduce at different levels of the game.

I’m thinking the Sharerghini may make a feature in the next version, so download the app and stay updated to see these features as they come out.

Rocket Slide app

It’s free to download on both the App Store and the Google Play Store now. Just click to download!

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