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Nintendo Switch vs. Nintendo Switch Lite What’s the Difference

Nintendo Switch vs. Nintendo Switch Lite

Different people like to do different things in their free time. The majority of the players are fond of playing, and people are always in search of playing new and modern games. We know that the most frustrating thing for gamers is to decide whether they should buy a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite. We are here to provide you with all the significant points that will help you in knowing the considerable differences between both devices so that you can get the one that suits you the most.

There is a tough competition between Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. If you are also looking for a suggestion about whether you should buy a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite, this short will help you to the fullest to decide in favor of one. Some of the most significant features of Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite are mentioned below, and you can decide to buy the device depending upon the below-mentioned features. So let us get started.


First of all, we must talk about the design of both devices. The design of a device is a significant factor, and people choose devices depending upon their designs. Some people want to purchase smart and sleek devices. Smart and sleek devices are easy to handle as compared to those having thick diameters. When you buy a Nintendo Switch Lite, you come to know that there is an imperfection in the Nintendo Switch Lite. Some people like to use Nintendo Switch while other people prefer Nintendo Switch Lite.

Unlike Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite doesn’t have any detachable controllers. This lack of controller also affects some of the gameplay, and that’s why some gamers don’t like Switch Lite, and they prefer the original Switch. When it comes to the color of the device, Switch Lite is available in many exciting colors, and you can choose the one from yellow, turquoise, grey, and also available in Pokemon design. You can purchase a device depending upon the availability of different colors.


The concept of Joy-cons was to enable the switch-ability in Nintendo Switch. Joy-cons are wand-like controllers that have two trigger buttons and four face buttons. There are also certain motion sensors in them. Joy-cons help to increase the grip while playing games on a Nintendo Switch. The players can play games on Nintendo Switch like a traditional gamepad.


Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite differ in terms of display. Now, let’s talk about the display of these devices. Switch Lite comes with a little bit smaller screen as compared to the original Switch. According to dimensions, Nintendo Switch has a 6.2-inches LCD screen, and Switch Lite comes with a 5.5-inches LCD screen. There is no difference between the resolutions of both Switches, but the thing that makes Switch Lite better is its lightweight and smaller size. That’s why some people like to have Nintendo Switch Lite because it is easier to handle.

Battery life:

Battery life is the crucial factor that we have to keep in mind while getting Nintendo Switch for your gaming sessions. The battery is the most recurring issue of gaming devices, and gamers are always worried about the battery timing of the devices. Gamers are always playing games in their free time, so they need to purchase such devices that have long battery timing.

If you are a gamer, who likes to play games even while traveling, then Nintendo Switch Lite is a better option for you because you can enjoy a boost in battery life as compared to the original Switch. The original Nintendo Switch provides you 6.5 hours of uninterrupted gaming, while Nintendo Switch Lite allows you to enjoy 7 hours of a smooth and disturbance-free extended gaming session.

Here a plus point of the original Nintendo Switch is that you can easily connect it with a TV while it is charging. But, Nintendo Switch Lite doesn’t allow you to play games by connecting it to the TV, and you can also not charge it through the dock. Most importantly, the Nintendo Switch light even doesn’t have any dock in the package, while Nintendo Switch has a charging dock in the package.

Gaming capabilities:

Here comes the most important factor for which both Switches help you to decide which one is most suitable for you and which one you have to drop. Firstly, let’s talk about the Nintendo Switch Lite. The Joy-Cons in the Switch Lite is not detachable, and so it does not support some games, and to play those games on Switch Lite, you will have to buy accessories, which will cause you greater expense.

You can enjoy some games like Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odessey. But you have to keep in mind that you can’t play the games which need heavy controllers like 1-2 Switch, just dance and Super Mario Party, and fitness boxing. Nintendo Switch Lite is not compatible with these games, and you will have to buy Nintendo Switch to play these games.

Play modes:

Nintendo Switch allows the players to switch between handheld mode and TV mode, while Nintendo Switch Lite does not allow the players to switch between handheld and TV mode. Nintendo Switch Lite is non-detachable in which the controllers are permanently attached, which allows the players to play only in handheld mode.


The cost factor is also a significant concern of the people who want to buy Nintendo Switch for gaming. When it comes to cost, Nintendo Switch Lite wins the battle because it is cheaper than the original Nintendo Switch. There is a significant difference between the prices of both the original Switch and Switch Lite. Nintendo Switch Lite is available for $199.99. On the flip card, the original Nintendo Switch is available for $299.99. You can see the exact difference between both and decide in favor of the one that suits you the most.


Nintendo Switch weighs about 297g while Nintendo Switch Lite weighs almost 277g. While talking about their dimensions, Nintendo Switch is almost 173x102mmx14mm, while Nintendo Switch Lite is 208x91mmx14mm.
The consoles of both these devices are almost 14mm thick and thanks to the bigger screen of the standard Switch, which is 30mm longer. The Nintendo Switch Lite is more pocketable as compared to Nintendo Switch.


Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch differ in terms of availability of colors. Nintendo Switch is available in blue, black, grey, and red colors, while Nintendo Switch Lite is available in yellow, coral, turquoise, and grey. You can choose any of them depending upon the colors you are interested in buying.

Availability of parental controls:

Both Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite have parental controls available in them. The availability of parental controls helps both kids and parents have the best gaming experience. Moreover, parental control helps to place certain parental restrictions and stops children from unstoppable gaming, and help them have controlled gaming in specific timing.

Finale words:

These were the significant factors that make a difference between these Switches, and now, it is all up to you that how you take these differences and choose the one that is more suitable for you. The above-mentioned points can help you choose the right Switch.

Both of these Nintendo systems are designed in different ways. Nintendo Switch is flexible and expensive, while Nintendo Switch Lite is affordable and perfectly portable. So if you are a player that plays games while sitting on a couch at his home, a regular Nintendo Switch is perfect for you, while on the other hand, portable Nintendo Switch Lite helps you play anywhere at any time.

Obviously, the original Nintendo Switch has more features than that of Switch Lite, but you will have to spend a bit more to avail of all those features. But if you want to go for a cost-effective option and don’t mind compromising some features. I hope we made it easier for you to choose the one for you. If you want to learn more about Gaming visit Quantagames for more info.

What are you waiting for then? Go, get yours now, and get ahead of the game!

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