Fortnite New Update – V6.20

fortnihte 6.20 update

Meet Fortnite game and find out unique appearances, royal battle, and promising features. The new version of the game introduces specific elements and draws the customersˈ attention. Fortnite game leads you in the adventurous world with serious challenges and temptations.

New Key Features

fortnihte new update 2018

Fortnite game comes up with extraordinary features. Here you can find the latest additions:
Six shooter option
Glider Re-deploy for flying high
The new mythic soldier who is here to save the world


Fortnite developer has worked very hard to ensure updates. Here we talk about a redesigned social list of the game. When you look at social list specifications you can see new animations and arts.

The button for the social list is located on the left side of the screen. In addition, the touch and controller options are ameliorated. Party finder is no longer a part of the game.

Creepy Halloween Event Updates

The new version of Fortnite game is adaptable for the upcoming Halloween event. The Epic Games provider launched Fortnite update 6.20 Battle Royale patch with a selection of V6.20 Patch Notes.

In this version, you can enjoy the story of Fortnite – Fortnitemares 2018 and complete the adventure of Cube event. Follow the latest game reviews, and find more information.

Fortnitemares Updates

Fortnite game introduces a variety of features. Here you can enjoy both large and small cube fragments. In the course of the game, you should defeat cube fiends, drop loot and follow the royal battle.

The game is available in an epic version with 1,8 shots per second and amazing ammo chance. Moreover, you are able to earn a shield by defeating fiends and use a limited weapon.

New Weapons And Heroes

If you prefer powerful weapons with instant effect, here you can enjoy a selection of choice. Take a look at following Fornite options:

Six shooter option introduced
Damage on the base 34/38 and 38
Ammo of medium size
Rocket Launcher in form of Pumpkin
 Changed balance of hand cannon
Updated damage of structures both epic and legendary
Updated both body and head shot damage
Improved stink bomb from loot and chests

Other Features

If we take a look at Fortnite total performance, we can see many updates. The glider redeploy is available in all modes and there are significant changes with the storm. The total wait time for 3 and 5 phase is reduced with storm damage renewed.

Here you will also experience bug fixes with streaming on iOS devices. Other interesting features of the game are:
Audio improvements
the user interface with visible username
better art and animation elements
adaptability with mobile devices
improved visibility for mobile users with a selection of button options


Players who are interested in playground improvements should read the following rows. They can expect not only Fortnite additions but also upgraded gameplay. The key playground elements are New Port-A grenades and Spiky Stadium.

New Port-A grenades are accessible at the Loot Lake and you can sample one of three challenges: Building, Obstacle and Firing range.

The next part of the game is a Spiky stadium. The feature appears with completely new respawn strategy as well as vending machines. Fortnite also represents an interesting minigame of Port-A-Pirateship.

For more details regarding the Fortnite playground, check the following list:
The course of obstacles and avoiding them by collecting tokens
Building temptation and firing challenge
Take dummies in the limited time
Spiky stadium 2 and respawn options within playspace
A selection of grenades and traps to adjust your play
Minigame introduction with the purpose of defeating the other team
Rockets and grenades for maximum devastation
Updated vending machines with more weapons and traps
Updated the respawn button in the game menu


The Fortnite new update comes up with a variety of challenges. Here you will experience new characters, features, and options. The most impressive creatures of the game are Cube Monsters and Husks.

They are not real zombies and you can save the world easily. We warmly recommend this challenge for all interested gaming players. Find the latest edition now and enjoy the incredible adventure.

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