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A Plague Tale Innocence Review by Gaming Expert

Game Info

Release date: May 14, 2019

Developer: Asobo Studio

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Oftentimes, we are faced with games with excellent storylines, but without the ability to instill feelings of terror, fear and repulsion in us. A Plague Tale Innocence PC is no such title, as it uses a clever storyline, interactive gameplay and stunning graphics to accomplish everything a horror game was supposed to do.

Read our A Plague Tale Innocence review and enter a world that only exists in the deepest corners of the subconscious human mind.

Key features:

  • A trial-and-error system that urges you to rely on your memory and knowledge of mechanisms to survive in the game
  • Excellently implemented problem-solving elements that go perfectly with the gloomy, plague-infested surroundings
  • Constantly dynamic gameplay, always instilling feelings of stress, urgency and unrest within the player
  • Beautiful graphics that go hand-in-hand with gameplay, as a tool to further extend the horror-like influence of all 17 chapters
  • Quality storyline that makes it hard to stop playing

A game-of-the-year contender

When developer Asobo Studio and Focus Home Interactive announced the A Plague Tale Innocence release date, everyone was expecting a classic you-vs-monsters action adventure game. What came out as a result, surpassed our collective expectations and predictions.

This game might just be the finest combination of horror and action we have seen in this decade, without any unnecessary words of grandeur. Survival puzzles have become an underrated genre in the last few years, but Asobo Studio managed to bring it back to life with a compelling, grizzly tale.

The story begins as the protagonist, a young girl, is holding hands with her little brother. You immediately get immersed into the A Plague Tale Innocence gameplay, as people are trying to kill you while you’re running down the street. We haven’t always been fans of these scares from the get-go, but the beginning is a perfect sign of things that are to come later on in the game.

Visual and motorical horror elements united


Action adventure games mostly depend on opponent strength and how they interact with the player. In A Plague Tale Innocence, the action part isn’t the centerpiece of the game. It is merely used as a helping tool, merged with a compelling design all in order to instill feelings of horror and dismay.

Mindless husks that were transformed by the plagued will chase you incessantly. This is perhaps the best example of how realistic monsters were missing from horror games in the past few years.

Amicia, the protagonist, can wield a whole number of weapons and throw several types of punches, but there is no static model of combat. This is perhaps our favorite feature in the game – you have to adjust your combat style depending on the opponent you’re facing off against. Rats require a weapon-based approach, as their bites can infect you with the plague.

Fusing the story with clever puzzles

A Plague Tale: Innocence is, before everything else, a story of the inquisition, about secrets and treason which eventually backfires into the face of medieval France.

However, the 17-chapter story wouldn’t be what it is without the gameplay. We would describe this game as a stealth-oriented title. You will engage in open combat, but most of your movement revolves around using distractions, like broken vases, to divert the attention of your opponents.

Some players may not like this, but the game is very slow-paced. We personally loved this, mainly due to the rising tension that you feel when you can’t bypass an opponent as fast as you initially thought.

The stress level is so high that we had to play in shifts to beat the entire game. If you’re playing all alone, prepare for a lot of deaths and a lot of necessary breaks.

Why you should play this game

Whether you choose A Plague Tale Innocence PS4 or for PC, one thing is certain – you will treat it as a cinematic experience, an interactive bonanza of entertaining fights and grim, horror elements. You won’t be able to resist the compelling cutscenes that will bring you to the edge of your feet.

If you love classic horror games like DOOM and modern titles like Amnesia, you will find A Plague Tale Innocence a perfect pastime for those long, scary nights. Be prepared for a lot of graphic content and a realistically hard battle system that’s going to take time to master.

Verdict on A Plague Tale Innocence review

We’ve had the pleasure of playing both the beta and the final version and we still don’t know what to make of this amazing title. It’s a horror/action-adventure that fuses modern elements with some classics related to both genres.

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