Battlefield 5 Review – The War is Bigger and Better

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Release date: 20 November, 2018.
Developer: EA DICE.
Publisher:  Electronic Arts.

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Battlefield V is here to rule your senses. Battlefield V release date is 20 November, 2018.

Chaos and fast-paced battle have always been a distinct trademark of the Battlefield franchise. With a real-life scaling on their maps, every Battlefield game gives the player a highly realistic experience. Fortunately for everyone, Battlefield 5 is no exception to the rule.

Scores of player push towards objectives and points, adding fuel to the already iconic Battlefield mayhem.

The European Fronts in WWII have been chosen as the setting, with three new modes included. While the game itself is characterized by stunning mechanics, there are still some hick-ups we couldn’t miss. Let’s dissect one of the most anticipated releases of the year – Battlefield 5.

New features in Battlefield V

New features in Battlefield

On top of a fine and already efficient Frostbite 3, we see a plethora of new features. In a war-torn landscape, two armies clash against one another in epic WWII battle. A change of scenery is always a good way to generate hype before release. It definitely worked for Battlefield 5, and people have noticed.

Electronic Arts have had a lot of trouble with micro-transactions. As such, this game was meant to correct a lot of mistakes from games like Star Wars Battlefront. A big reason for its success is a plethora of small, but noticeable fixes in all parts of the game when compared to Battlefield 1. Some of them are:

  • Better total immersion. Both visual and audio effects will give you a feel of actually being present at the scene. Perhaps the best example of this improvement has been the realistic mud in several swamp parts of maps.
  • Additional soldier mechanics. This is the first time that you can do things such as:
  1. Backpedaling when lying on the ground
  2. Jumping through windows
  3. Throwing back grenades
  4. Several evasive maneuvers
  • Campaign mode. Three “War Stories” are currently available. They are devoted to the less-known segments of World War II. You can assist the Norwegian resistance sabotage German nukes, fight with Senegalese soldiers behind French lines or as a bank robber. The fourth story, called The Last Tiger, will soon be released.
  • New multiplayer modes. Firestorm is a battle royale mode which is built around the games iconic chaotic battle format. The Grand Operations mode is a twist on them. Operations format from Battlefield 1. You engage in realistic stages of setting up a war campaign. “Tides of War” is yet to be released.
  • New maps. In total, there are eight new maps, each recreating a battle that happened in World War II. From Rotterdam to North Africa, you have to learn the specifics of each terrain if you wish to win the battle. Although there haven’t been any confirmations by the developers, critics and fans anticipate a fresh batch of map content in the first DLC.

These features round out an excellent new set of ideas by EA Dice. When we’ve seen the Battlefield V trailer, we were amazed by the sheer complexity of the project. One thing that we had high expectations of was the very design of the game. How did it stand up to the hype EA generated? Let’s take a look and dissect the different elements.

Battlefield V Download

Battlefield V is available all across all platforms – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows. PlayStation 4 owners are looking at a 14.8+ GB download while Battlefield V Xbox One is at a 10.9+ GB download. Battlefield V PC is a 12.4+ GB downd.

The design of Battlefield V

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One thing that we loved about the game’s design is the improvement in mechanics. This installment just may be the best when it comes to player-terrain interaction.

When we’ve first entered battle on grassy terrain, you could actually see opposing sniper due to moving grass. The movement impairments are also realistic, so the game’s graphics have been much improved and adapted to present-day requirements.

Before we’ve found out about the Battlefield V release date, November 20m, random bullet deviation (RBD) was a major concern. Thankfully, where you aim, your bullet will be directed to. In comparison to previous installments, Battlefield V even has bullet dropping after you reach a certain distance.

About the gear, there is not much to say. One of the best traits of EA DICE is to develop a viable platform first and then add the necessary cosmetic changes. WWII gear is pretty realistic in this game, with an added inclusion of announced DLC. EA has promised that there will be no gameplay influencing whatsoever.

Historical significance

The three War Stories,

  • Nordlys
  • Tirailleur
  • Under No Flag

are all excellent homages to lesser-known facets of World War II. Under No Flag is somewhat an exception to the statement above. An excellent move was to focus on Operation Albumen, where you engage in airborne battle above the Greek island of Crete. You play the role of Billy Bridger, a fictional bank robber that was conscripted.

Even the games developers have always said that they valued fun over historical accuracy. That fact alone made the game much more surprising. If you’re a history junky, this game better be on your bucket list due to perhaps the best coverage of World War II so far.

Gaming is always in second place when historical adaptation is in play. However, there is no better way to reenact important historical events than with fine multiplayer modes.

The best multiplayer remake in recent years?

Every war-themed game focuses on multiplayer above all else, and Battlefield V wasn’t the exception. The last installment put an emphasis on vast terrain and epic battles, but 5 has introduced something new.

Smaller maps are now a standard for better battle reenactment. There is a chance you will find the constant kills, ambushes and fire exchange annoying, but you can’t deny that it’s more realistic.

Objectives, which have always been a staple of Battlefield 5, have also been improved to require more cooperation. As for player interaction, there is a new revive options that is available to everyone, not just medics. However, there is still the notion that medics are the only ones who can revive others instantly.

Snipers still reign supreme over long distances, so there is a lot more parity in recent update, released on November 26. You will face no more problems with weapon unlocking, connectivity and team balance in terms of numbers, positioning, and resources.

Battlefield 5 Review: Quick Summary

Battlefield 5 is definitely a late game of the year contender. With an excellent design that showcases all the destruction and mayhem from WWII, it’s one of the better shooters we’ve seen. Players and terrain interact more seamlessly than ever, with precise reenactments of historical battles. Whether you’re a new or old-school gamer, you will love this realistic approach to war games.

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