Beginners Guide to CSGO Case Opening

Beginners Guide to CSGO Case Opening

If you have just started playing CS: GO, you need to get familiar with many things before initiating your first battle. During the game, you will develop your strategy for the game, learn a lot from professionals and develop your skills in practice.

Well, in this article, we will tell you about a vital part of the famous game CS:GO, you will encounter it quite often, which can be a positive experience for you.

We will talk about cases in CS: GO, what they are, how to get them, and in general, why they are needed and why they are essential. So if you are one of those beginners who take advantage of any situation, this article is for you.

What Are Cases & What’s In Them?

Let’s start with what cases are. Firstly, it is an integral part of the CS: GO game, as it is the primary source of the game’s beauty and additional income for the players. Cases look like boxes that contain custom weapons or stickers. Each series of cases has a name, and inside there is a particular set of skins. Speaking of non-standard weapons, we mean different designs for weapons, knives, or gloves – skins.

Skins are an attractive addition that makes your inventory unique through external data. Skins do not affect any technical characteristics of the weapon but simply make it more spectacular and irresistible. Players will especially envy you if you find a knife skin in any case.

CS:GO Case History

The first case of CS: GO appeared in 2013. Naturally, the first case in the game was something new and unusual for everyone and offered players the opportunity to get an original novelty. For many years now, we can observe a large number of very diverse cases. Some cases come out with new operations, some as part of a collection or in honor of some events.

For example, Esports cases were released in honor of the tournaments held in the game. Each case contains only one unique collection of weapons. Although everyone has long known about CS: GO cases, the excitement around them has not subsided because everyone wants to have new unique skins.

How to Get CSGO Cases in the Game

All CS: GO players, whether they are professionals or beginners, have a chance to get cases in several ways.

The easiest way that does not require much effort and time is to buy a case. You can do it on the Steam marketplace. You can also sell them there.

Some ways require your time, effort, and good skills as a CS: GO player. Just by playing the game, you can receive up to two cases per week after completing matches in official CS: GO game modes. They drop out randomly, and to get them, you have to work hard. It is a free way to receive; therefore, it is the most profitable since you do not spend a dime. Which case you get depends on whether you are a Prime or Non-Prime player.

You can also get cases by completing various missions of operations. Therefore, carefully follow the events in the game to avoid missing anything because it is impossible to replay operations.

There is another way to get exclusive cases that few people know about. Major tournaments are held periodically in the game, and if you get a spectator pass and complete the Pick’Em tasks, you also have a chance to get a case. Maybe it will have the skin you’ve always dreamed of.
Using these methods, you can get various CS: GO cases.

CSGO Case Opening

After you have received the case in any of the above ways, you can open it. But to do this, you need one more thing – it is the key. Unlike cases, you cannot get a key as a reward for your actions in the game and can only buy it. The key and the case must be from the same collection; otherwise, nothing will work.

What is the CS: GO case opening procedure?

You can proceed when you already have everything you need to open CS: GO case online. Everyone hopes to get an expensive and beautiful item, but you have to be prepared because it doesn’t happen often. Opening cases is a kind of test of your luck, and it’s almost the same as the lottery, only a little more interesting. If you buy a case, you can first check its contents and evaluate each skin because one will become yours. After all, you will get beautiful skin in any case, but you will see it later whether it will be expensive.

How to Open Cases

First, make sure you have everything you need, especially the case itself. Then you should buy a key, and if you already have it, then check if it fits the case you are going to open. You just need to go to the “Inventory” section for the above actions. After selecting a case, click “Open”; that’s it, you’ve done it. You will get your new skin as soon as the auto-selection system shows you exactly what you have received.

What are CSGO Case Opening Sites

You can also open CS: GO cases on certain case-opening platforms like Hellcase, which offers users daily bonuses, interval giveaways, and event rewards, you can learn more by clicking here.

Besides buying and openings cases, you can get lovely surprises. But before you buy cases, make sure you can trade them on Steam. It is an excellent alternative to getting cases in the usual way, with the opportunity to receive some kind of small benefit.

What is CSGO Case Opening Simulator

If you are new to CS: GO and have never opened cases before, you must be very interested in how it works. Understandably, the first time it is a little exciting. Maybe you don’t want to spend your money to understand how case opening works; theory is sometimes not enough.

The case opening simulator, like this, is a convenient way to learn all the nuances and, at the same time, do it for free. It stimulates the opening process, and you can also choose a case on your own and look at its contents. It is a helpful thing that every CS: GO beginner needs.

To Sum Up!
We hope that you have received answers to your questions. With new information, the possibility of free practice in opening CS: GO cases online, and hours of playing CS: GO, you have every chance of turning from a novice player into a professional. And who knows, maybe our next article will be about you.

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