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The Big Deal: Best Gaming Headphone Under 100


As a gamer, you would need headphones that can deliver the best sounds to make your experience more immersive and realistic. The Somic company offers just this they have been in the business of providing the best gaming headsets since the year 1999. This article focuses on the Somic G805 Gaming Headset – the best gaming headphone under 100.

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Key Features

When choosing a headphone to enhance your whole gaming experience, always consider the important key features that make it stand out. For instance, the Somic G805 has these features for you to look forward to:

  • 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Technology
    The design of these headphones gives it a surround sound effect bringing to you a real experience at each scene so that you can distinguish directions through sound. With this technology, you get clear resolution and precise sound positioning.Combining the surround sound experience to your games will instantly convert these into an experience almost life-like. The technology works with a USB Audio Control Box where you don’t need to set up a driver. With the control box, you can easily change the modes, volume control, and mic control for your games.
  • Immersive Audio Experience
    The high-quality 50mm audio unit of the Somic G805 offers low, medium, and high-frequency details that produce incredible surround sound for your gaming experiences.
  • Various Connections
    This USB gaming headphone with a removable mic offers two connection options. The USB plug and 3.5MM plug, which makes it compatible with Xbox One, PC, Pad, Laptop, PS4, mobile phones, and other types of electric devices. Because you can easily carry the Somic G805 around, you can use it for more than just gaming.

Brand, Model, and Compatibility of the Best Gaming Headphone

FPS games can easily demonstrate the multi-sound virtual performance of the G805. The headset’s external sound card possesses a virtual sound system with a unique technology that produces game sounds that are more realistic, thus, making your gaming experience more engaging and intense.

gaming headphone under 100 usd

There’s no need to set up a driver. The G805’s high-quality sound unit can deliver detailed sounds with varying frequencies. After looking at the key features, the next thing to consider is where the headset came from and where you can use it:

  • Brand: SOMIC
  • Model: G805
  • Platforms: The G805 has a native 3.5mm interface with an independent USB sound card making it a widely compatible gaming headphone pc/for PS4/XBOX, phones, tablets and so on.


You can have a choice of colors with the G805 Gaming headset – brown, black or white. These colors correspond to the polar environments of a snowy peak, an abyss, and a desert. Also, take note that the sounding material utilized in the G805 is not the same as other gaming headsets of the same brand.

The G805’s sounding unit utilizes a 50mm PET composite film and the moving coil unit has a large-size. This is the source for the output of high-quality sound. The design of your headphones plays a significant role in your whole gaming experience. Consider the following design features of the G805:

  • Lightweight
    This headset only weighs 294g and it’s easy to store. You can even remove the mic as needed.
  • Large-sized speakers
    Built-in 50mm speaker drivers give a rich, distortion-free, and crisp sound. It offers a powerful bass that adds a crystal-clear listening experience. The speaker unit gives incredible sound effects that reproduce clear frequencies.
  • Large-sized earmuffs
    Using these soft earmuffs can help isolate noise, thus, providing you with a clear sound environment.

Why players should use this headphone for gaming

best gamnig headphone under 100 usd

The design of the G805 professional gaming headset offers you three modes: LOL, PUGB, and VIDEI. With these, you can hear all of the details of various games and scenes.

Whether you want to immerse yourself in PUGB or you want to hear your opponents’ motions in LOL, the G805 gaming headset cheap can help you get completely involved in the experience.

The G805 comes with a “humanized design.” Its large yet lightweight breathable mesh earmuffs make them suitable for long-time wearing. The removable microphone can be flexibly bent to 360-degrees and can accurately absorb your voice, especially when you’re playing as part of a team.


With the Somic G805, you can react quickly as soon as you recognize your enemy’s position. It has a Perspective 3D sound field that allows you to keep track of your enemies. The MODE feature switches you to a multi-game scene with the 0.50mm Sounding Unit Polymer composite diaphram. You can expect better triband performance too. Following are other significant features and specifications of this headset:

  • Mic
    This has a high-definition effect and a pluggable design.
  • Earpads
    Designed ergonomically, they are of sturdy metal material and using them feels like you’re wearing nothing.
  • Headband
    This accessory is super-light and it has an ultra-light sponge that offers zero pressure and even force. The sponge lessens the pressure on the head and the brackets are completely adjustable to make them more comfortable. The earmuffs are of easeful and soft protein leather that is also breathable.
  • Modes
    The Somic G805 Gaming Headset has three professional modes. You can easily and quickly switch to any of these modes using the line control on the headset to make for a more incredible sound experience.
  • Other specifications
    This professional gaming headset comes in different colors and it’s perfect for gamers who want to enhance your performance on the game. You can even get it at a very affordable price. Here are other specifications of this model:

    • Length of the Cord: 2.1m
    • Frequency Response: 15Hz-26.2KHz
    • Speaker Impedance: 32 Ohm ± 15%

The verdict

Whether you’re a PC gamer fanatic or a console gamer, at one time or another, people around you will eventually get annoyed at the different sounds that your video games produce. It’s time to get yourself a superb pair of headphones, a webcam, and a mic to accommodate your multiplayer needs. But it would be better and more convenient to have it all in a single place – and the Somic G805 gives you just that.

This headset is an all-in-one solution to all your audio gaming needs as it’s packed with decent sound, a mic, and lengthy cords for various gaming setups. Now that you have learned about all its features, you can decide whether or not this model will suit your gaming needs.

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