Best 10 Hidden Video Game Design Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

Best 10 Hidden Video Game Design Tricks

Games always take a huge part in our life. Games can help us to release stress. On the other hand, game Industries help us to get extremely exciting games by which we can get our entertainment.

The gaming industry is developing day by day. It is like a sponge absorbing all the latest technological advances. It gives all the opportunities to players which they dreamed of. Developers who designed these types of games consider a lot of things. They take a lot of stress to make a game.

Game design considerations:

For creating a game, developers apply some art of design and aesthetics which gives us a high level of entertainment satisfaction, that is called game design. This is not only for entertainment but also for educational, exercise, or experimental purposes. You just play a game but never think about how it comes. But in a video game, every step you are taking is designed by a developer. There are a lot of design tricks that can Blow Your Mind. You can get more information, leading video game developers.

1. Coyote Time in Platformers:

Coyote Time in Platformers is one of the small but very effective designs which a developer uses for making a game. In early times there were many popular games like Super Mario Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog, etc that needed pinpoint jumping accuracy for making it from one platform to another. In this process, coyote time helps them with coding. It helps a user for a crucial jump as well as taking off and landing. They use it to make the game more user-friendly. Users have a lot of fun with it.

2. Off-Screen Enemies Are Nerfed:

Developers use this trick in plenty of games nowadays. In popular games like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Devil May Cry, etc they use this trick. When you play a game you can see that sometimes a lot of enemies have covered you and if they attack at once violent death must occur. But Developers making the game in that process don’t attract you at once. They just act or attack. They are just ready for their turn when one attacks you. It makes the game more exciting but the result is not a frustrating death.

3. Uncharted Enemies Have Zero Aim:

This trick is like the previous one. The uncharted games are related to Hollywood movie scenes in clever programming. We see in movies that a villain shoots towards the hero but they save themselves and are able to shoot the villain. Like that there are many games like Red Faction Guerilla, that follow Uncharted and are projected in a way that if you leave a cover and your enemy shoots you, then the bullet can not touch you in the first and second attempt which increases the tension of a gamer and the game becomes more interesting.

4. Design with users in mind:

When someone makes something they always look after their user experience. Also, Developers always take care of their user experience by making enjoyable gameplay. Navigating or being over-or under-designed are too difficult for Menus and interfaces are frustrating players. So they always make a game that is simple, intuitive, and consistent with the look which a user wants.

5. Ignoring Third-Person Controls:

When Developers use third-person control in a game, then it becomes a more usable and best-selling product. It helps to ignore the controller input at times. It is also called thumbstick correction. When they choose it, a user doesn’t have to constantly walk into things. It helps them to protect themselves from cars, trees, or rocks regardless of pointing the Joystick. With it, one should not have to be stuck anywhere.

6. Only Render What’s in Sight:

This is an old but effective trick which a developer always uses in their game. They have to provide a lot of processing power to render a virtual environment and when it comes to a human character player who is moving or looking around the map in random unpredictable ways, they have to give more effort. It is nothing but a draw distance setting which helps a game to look sharper and more detailed.

7. Hyperfocus on the fun:

Everyone plays games for having some fun, not for taking stress. So Developers always Hyperfocus on the fun. Fun like intriguing stories and memorable characters and interaction of the game. For fun, they also use provoking emotional responses or a style that captivates players.

8. Xenomorph With Two Brains:

Developers use this trick in their games. They use A.I. technology that they programmed into the iconic Xenomorph villain. Actually, they use 2 A.I. brains. One brain helps you to know about your place on the other hand the second brain pushes the Alien in random directions. The first brain helps to send the hints to the other brain to track the direction. That helps the game to run fast if a person hides in the same place many times.

9. Speed Effects in Forza

Developers use this trick in their games. Speed is a very important thing for a game. They use this trick because the speed effect in the Forza series helps running games to become faster. It is a subtle trick that convinces gamers their car is going faster. It is nothing but an on-screen speedometer. In a game, it is really important to give good camera effects, sound effects as well as speed. With it, a user can easily drive at 105 mph.

10. Extra Health:

Developers always help their users to get a good and exciting game. So they provide them Extra Health by which they can just barely survive. They provide double or triple health. It helps to create a good and memorable game and if this trick is not used in this game then a noob player cannot survive for 1 minute.


For launching a perfect game Developers take a lot of steps and tricks. So if you want to make a successful game then you should follow these. You can get more information, leading video game developers.

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