The Ultimate Gamers List: 24 Best RPGs & JRPGs of 2019

best rpgs and jrpgs for 2019

RPGs and JRPGs are some of the most popular genres of video games in the world today. With their interesting, imaginative gameplay and vibrant settings, it’s easy to see why. It can be a bit difficult at times to keep yourself informed about all the new interesting upcoming titles.

In order to make that a little easier, here is a list of the 24 best RPGs & JRPGs. (Our of our Favorit game is number 20) 

1. God Eater 3

God Eater 3 RPG
God Eater 3

Key features:

  • An arsenal of interesting new original weapons
  • High-speed hack and slash combat
  • New abilities and mechanics

God Eater 3 is an action RPG published by Bandai Namco and developed by Marvelous First Studio, which has replaced Shift as the game’s developer. The game was released on February 8 for the PS4 and the PC.

This fun, fast-paced RPG centers around hunting massive creatures called Aragami. Equipped with unique weapons called God Arcs, you will enjoy the speedy, action-packed gameplay combined with a stunning anime art style.

New gameplay features make the experience even better, including new weapons and well-programmed computer-controlled allies. If co-op is more your style, the game can be played with four other players.

The graphics and unique rhythm of attacking, dodging, and using special abilities like burst mode make this one of the 24 best RPGs & JRPGs of 2019.

2. Biomutant

Biomutant RPG game

Key features:

  • Imaginative, interesting open world setting
  • Detailed customization system for weapons and characters
  • Branching storyline

This innovative title is in development by the studio Experiment 101, and it is their first game. It will be released in the summer of 2019 and published by THQ Nordic for the PC, Xbox One and PS4.

The game is set in an open world environment in which you take the role of a raccoon-like creature in a world full of mutated animals.

The developers are promising a detailed, in-depth system of customizing both characters and weapons. Your character can change their stats or abilities by mutating or adding bio-mechanical body parts such as robotic limbs or wings.

The open world can be explored either on foot or in a variety of vehicles like air balloons, jet-skis and mechs. Featuring a Karma system and six factions, this groundbreaking game will surely be one of the top upcoming RPGs of the year.

3. Shin Megami Tensei V

Shin Megami Tensei V
Shin Megami Tensei V

Key features:

  • Topical, modern story elements
  • Familiar post-apocalyptic setting
  • Built in a brand new engine

Shin Megami Tensei V is a JRPG which is in development and will be published by Atlus for the Nintendo Switch. The release date has not yet been announced, but we hope it will come out by the end of the year.

A long-awaited sequel to its 2013 predecessor, Shin Megami Tensei V will be one of the most fun turn-based RPGs of this generation. The first game in the series to be developed in the Unreal Engine 4, it will look and feel fantastic.

It will be a mix of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and the demon upbringing features of Shin Megami Tensei IV, along with new, interesting features and elements.

The story will deal with the issues of our time, such as unemployment, terrorism, nuclear weapons and other issues the public will be able to relate to.

4. Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

Key features:

  • Parties expanded to five characters
  • New attraction flow attacks
  • Old-school inspired minigames

Kingdom Hearts 3 is the twelfth installment in the series, developed and published by Square Enix. The game was released on January 25 for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Step into the role of Sora once again and take part in a story-driven adventure like no other. Explore various Disney themed locations with Donald and Goofy. You will surely marvel at the wonderful cutscenes and unique art style.

The wide variety of environments also come with their own mechanics and challenges. The new minigames are entertaining and a good change of pace from the complex and frantic combat. And the combat system is fluid and enjoyable. Mix keyblade attacks, spells, summoned characters and flashy finishing moves to overcome all challenges.

The conclusion to this iconic franchise will leave no one indifferent. A fun, colorful experience, the new Kingdom Hearts is one of the best PS4 RPGs.

5. The Caligula Effect: Overdose

The Caligula Effect: Overdose
The Caligula Effect: Overdose

Key features:

  • Interesting turn-based combat mechanics
  • Improved graphics and performance
  • New playable protagonist and endings

The Caligula Effect: Overdose is a JRPG developed by Aquria and published by Atlus USA and FuRyu. It was released in March 2019, for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

This turn-based JRPG is filled with interesting design choices. The combat system has a mechanic called “Imaginary Chain.” This allows you to preview up to three attacks and see how they would play out. This allows you to strategize and combine abilities to perform a variety of cool combos.

The sequel offers almost twice as much gameplay as the original. New dungeons have been added, and they are more spacious and less mazelike than before. Players will now have the option to play as a female protagonist, which will change the story, and will also be able to side with the villains and experience two different endings to the game. All of these features make it one of the top JRPGs for PC.

6. Indivisible

indivisible RPG

Key features:

  • Beautiful hand-drawn 2D animation
  • A mix of RPG and platformer elements
  • A cast of unique characters

Indivisible is being developed by Lab Zero games and will be published by 505 Games. Although there is no exact release date, it will be available in 2019 for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, MacOS and Linux.

The game was crowdfunded on Indiegogo and reached its goal of 1 500 000 $. Drawn by hand and animated in a unique 2D style, the previews for this game are mesmerizing.

The game will combine traditional RPG elements with platforming and turn-based combat. Players will seamlessly transition from a fluid system of exploration to combat.

You will play as Ajna, a protagonist with the power to use “Incarnations,” an ability to summon more than 20 characters she will encounter over the course of the game, all with their unique abilities and stories. With all of these unique features in mind, Indivisible will surely be one of the best RPGS for Xbox One.

7. Death end re;Quest

Death end re;Quest
Death end re;Quest

Key features:

  • Switch between different genres during gameplay
  • Innovative storytelling
  • Turn-based combat with plenty of abilities

Developed by Compile Heart and published by Idea Factory International on February 19 for the PC and PS4, Death end re;Quest is one of the top JRPGs that you can play.

The game follows a story about a mysterious online game and the development team behind it. You will be experiencing two storylines that are tied together – one in the virtual world and one in the real world.

The dual narrative is truly unique and executed flawlessly. But not only that – this game has an interesting never-before-seen mechanic where you can change the genre of the game itself.

Unlocking new abilities will allow you to change the combat system drastically, from a traditional turn-based JRPG to a first-person shooter or a fighting game. When not fighting or exploring dungeons, the game takes the form of a visual novel in which you explore Japan and unravel the mystery behind the virtual reality MMO. With a plethora of interesting features, it’s promising to be one of the best JRPGs PS4 will get as a platform.

8. Fae Tactics

Fae Tactics game
Fae Tactics

Key features:

  • Tactical RPG gameplay simplified and streamlined
  • 40 unique units and multiple main characters
  • Distinct visual style

In development by Endlessfluff Games, this turn-based tactical RPG will be published by Humble Bundle in 2019 for the PC, but no set date has been given.

Drawing inspiration from games like Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, and Final Fantasy Tactics, the developers aim to deliver a streamlined, simplified tactical RPG.

Players will be able to combine up to six different unit types for each battle. The game has more than 40 unique units and eight different elemental types, which will allow a variety of styles and strategies.

As the game is being developed by a duo of visual artists, the cutaway animations and visuals are distinct and interesting.

All of this, combined with a menuless system and context-based commands make this one of the more interesting upcoming RPGs.

9. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Key features:

  • Three different storylines to experience
  • A new setting
  • Traditional turn-based tactical RPG gameplay with new elements

The sixteenth main title in the Fire Emblem series is being developed by Intelligent Systems in cooperation with Koei Tecmo. The game will be released on July 26 for the Nintendo Switch.

Featuring a new setting, the game takes place on the continent of Fodlan. The player will assume the role of a university teacher at an officer’s academy. There, you will choose to mentor one of three characters – heirs to their respective countries, and solve the mystery of a ghost that only you can see.

This is the first game in the franchise which will give us a chance to explore 3d environments and interact with other characters in a sandbox type zone.

As a professor, you will be responsible for teaching students and in that way upgrading their abilities. The combat system has been redesigned, so now every unit is supported by a battalion of troops, changing the gameplay dynamic. This game, sure to be one of the top RPGs of the year, can’t come soon enough.

10. Dragon Star Varnir

Dragon Star Varnir JRPG game
Dragon Star Varnir

Key features:

  • A unique aerial combat system
  • Devour enemies to gain their skill trees
  • Interesting story mechanics that force tough choices

Dragon Star Varnir is a JRPG developed by Compile Heart and published by Idea Factory. Released in Japan in 2018, the game will be available internationally for the PS4 in the spring of 2019.

Dragon Star Varnir stands out with its unique combat system. Battles happen in the air and plays position themselves on a three-leveled grid layout. Choosing different formations will give different bonuses, and attacks function differently depending on where you are.

Physical attacks can only reach opponents on the same layer but can deliver critical strikes, while magic attacks can reach any layer but can’t cause bonus damage.

Bigger enemies can take up all three layers of the battlefield, allowing for interesting strategic thinking. Attacking certain weak points will prevent enemies from using abilities tied to those points.

With plenty of unique mechanics and interesting systems, Dragon Star Varnir is best JRPGS on the PS4.

11. Anthem

Anthem 2019

Key features:

  • An ever-changing, visually spectacular open world
  • Great co-op gameplay with up to three friends
  • Four customizable exo-suits with different abilities and playstyles.

Developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts, Anthem was released on February 22 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Featuring a beautiful, detailed world you will enjoy exploring and flying through, there are few games that can compare when it comes to environment.

Team up in four-man squads to take on more challenging opponents or to find powerful gear in strongholds, Anthem’s version of dungeons.

The different Javelin exo-suits all have unique, fun abilities, ensuring you can always switch things up and change your playstyle.

The combat system has a plethora of interesting combos, taking inspiration from earlier studio titles like Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Combat feels engaging and intuitive.

Anthem is filled with interesting lore, rich storytelling. and a captivating, mesmerizing feeling of being in an epic science fiction series or movie. You can’t afford to miss this thoroughly enjoyable online shooter with elements taken from popular MMORPGs.

12. Greedfall

Greedfall 2019 rpg game

Key features:

  • Original and interesting setting
  • An intricate system of factions and diplomacy
  • Story-driven quests with consequences

Greedfall is being developed by the studio Spiders and will be published by Focus Home Interactive. The game will be playable on PC, Xbox One and PS4 sometime in 2019.

Greedfall will incorporate stealth and diplomatic gameplay as well as combat.

The progression system will allow you to mix and match various skills from an extensive talent tree. Whether you prefer melee, ranged attacks or magic – all approaches are viable.

An intricate reputation system has been announced. You will be able to forge and break alliances with factions, with choices varying from making peace agreements, pitting them one against the other to completely destroying them.

One of the things the developers have focused on is getting rid of one of the more annoying tropes found in RPG titles. Greedfall has no fetch quests – each quest is important and has weight, changing the ever evolving-world around you as well as the story. This is one of the most promising RPGs upcoming.

13. Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077

Key features:

  • Non-linear RPG gameplay
  • An interactive and immersive environment
  • High tech customization options

Cyberpunk 2077 is an RPG being developed by CD Projekt Red and will be published by CD Projekt at an as of yet unannounced date, but several leaks suggest it will be released in 2019. The development team behind the Witcher series is aiming to surpass itself and bring an even better and more expansive game to the market.

Taking inspiration from the classic boardgame Cyberpunk 2020, this game takes place in a futuristic dystopia. Cyberpunk 2077 promises to be an immersive and engaging experience.

Players take on the role of V, a fully customizable newcomer to Night City. The gender, look and reason for coming to the lawless city are all up to the player to decide.

Demos have shown an intricate, living and breathing world rich with atmosphere. Players will have the option of exploring Night City with a variety of vehicles or on foot.

Cyberpunk 2077 features a long list of modifications that players can make to their weapons and characters. In this setting, mechanical augmentations are an element of everyday life. Combined with a broad skill system, there will be many ways to experience the game. With CD Projekt behind the game, we’re expecting some of the genre of RPGs best from this project.

14. Rune

RUNE rpg game
RUNE (2019)

Key features:

  • New, open world multiplayer mode
  • Explore on foot or by sailing on open waters and rivers
  • Drop in co-op mode

A sequel to the original Rune, a game that came out 19 years ago, this unexpected sequel is being developed by Human Head Studios, the developers of the original. There is no announced release date as of yet, but it will be out in 2019.

The sequel to the dark and atmospheric RPG set in the world of Vikings will bring us a ton of new features.

The original Rune was a linear singleplayer experience.  The sequel will allow players to experience a co-op mode as well as an open world multiplayer mode. Combat has been reworked with the addition of ranged weapons and special abilities granted by the Norse gods.

The different biomes of the world will be explorable with a variety of mounts, or by way of sailing.

The crafting system will also be expanded. Players will be able to craft weapons and armor, throwable weapons, arrows, traps, ships and even cook food.

15. Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Pathfinder: Kingmaker 2019
Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Key features:

  • The first single-player RPG in the Pathfinder roleplaying system
  • Expand and manage your own realm
  • Old-school isometric perspective

Pathfinder: Kingmaker is a game developed by Russian studio Owlcat games and published by Deep Silver. It was released on 25 September for PC, Linux, and macOS.

Similar to Baldur’s gate, the game has a top-down perspective and relies on dice rolls for combat. On lower difficulties, the game can more or less be played without pausing – but crank the difficulty up and strategizing becomes a must.

This is an old-school RPG, and as such, it is very difficult in certain places. Using spells and abilities wisely, along with choosing the right companions can be a lifesaver.

Another notable feature is the alignment system which will affect how people in the world react to you and treat you.

The entire experience plays like one of the many classics we all know and love, cementing Pathfinder’s place as one of the top RPGs available now.

16. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 The Black Order
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 The Black Order

Key features:

  • A large roster of playable characters from the MCU
  • New over-the-shoulder perspective
  • Fully drop-in/drop-out co-op compatible

A sequel to the much beloved Marvel Ultimate Alliance games, The Black Order will be released in the second or third quarter of 2019. It is being developed by Team Ninja and will be published by Nintendo as Switch exclusive.

Returning gameplay elements include a wide variety of characters to choose from, 4 player co-op and the traditional top-down camera angle we are all used to.

Returning characters include The Avengers, X-men, Spider-man, while new additions include the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos, Ultron, Ronan, and Kingpin.

17. Code Vein

Code Vein
Code Vein

Key features:

  • Distinct, vampire inspired atmosphere
  • A world dense with content
  • Difficult, Dark Souls like combat

Code vein is an upcoming action RPG which is being developed and will be published by Bandai Namco. It will be available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Set in an open world, post-apocalyptic dystopian environment overrun with vampires and ghouls. Players will be able to summon other players for aid in a manner similar to Dark Souls.

The actual gameplay is expected to play similarly to Dark Souls, with set checkpoints and a brutal learning curve. One big difference is that players will be able to enlist the help of NPC characters.

Screenshots and promotional material indicate that there will be a wide variety of weapons available, both one and two-handed, with different speeds, strengths, ranges, effects and animations. Code Vein is bound to be one of the best JRPGS for PC this year.

18. Shenmue III

Shenmue III RPG
Shenmue III

Key features:

  • Open world gameplay perfect for exploration
  • A variety of minigames, like in the original
  • Adjustable difficulty levels

Shenmue III is being developed by Neilo in collaboration with Ys Net and will be published by Deep Silver. The game will be released on August 27 for the PS4 and PC.

Once again step into the shoes of Ryo Hazuki, this time in the year 1987 in the mountains of Guilin, China.

We will experience a few new gameplay elements and changes. Ryo’s health will not automatically rejuvenate after battles, and instead, a food system that heals and manages stamina will be added.

Players will be able to interact with characters from previous games via phone calls. The camera can now be rotated fully around the player’s character, and there will be a first-person mode.

It has also been announced that a realistic weather system will be added, as well as an option to customize clothing.

19. Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord
Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

Key features:

  • Interactive open world
  • Large open battles and sieges
  • Updated graphics

Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord is an upcoming RPG developed and published by TaleWorlds Entertainment. It will be available on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The sequel to the cult classic Mount and Blade Warband, Bannerlord is one of the more anticipated games of the decade.

The choose your own adventure style of gameplay has made its predecessor a game that is played even today. That gameplay will be expanded upon in the sequel.

New additions include siege weapons, weapon customization, a slew of new factions and a different map.

The skill system has been reworked with the addition of perks, and controlling your war party has been made easier with additional options. Long awaited and improved in every sense, Bannerlord is bound to be one of the most interesting RPGs upcoming.

20. The Surge 2

The Surge 2
The Surge 2 (2019)

Key features:

  • Double the amount of weapon types
  • Customizable playable character
  • Larger, more open areas than the first game

The Surge 2 is an action RPG being developed by Deck13. It will be published by Focus Home Interactive for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The release date has not been specified, except that it will release in 2019

The Surge 2 will see us visiting Jericho City, a new environment ravaged by gangs and bandits. The developers have promised more distinct locations as well as more exploring and hidden items and areas.

The amount of weapon types has been doubled. Companion drones have been reworked to use range weapons instead of relying on passive abilities.

The combat system and dynamic limb targeting feature will be joined with a directional blocking system, making gameplay more fun and strategic. We’re expecting it to be one of the best PS4 RPGs.

21. The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds rpg
The Outer Worlds

Key features:

  • Player driven, branching story
  • Large open zones to explore
  • Interesting “Flaw” system

In development by Obsidian and to be published by Private Division, The Outer Worlds is a first-person RPG with open world elements.

Made by the developers of RPG classics like Fallout 2, KOTOR 2, Neverwinter Nights 2 and Fallout New Vegas, The Outer Worlds is bound to be a hit.

Set in a futuristic alternate universe where planets are being colonized by megacorporations, this game definitely has a wild west like atmosphere

Players will have their own personal ship, which serves as central hub space and fast travel mechanism. A comprehensive dialogue system has been announced, as well as a companion system.

One of the more interesting decisions was to forgo any sort of crafting system, which the developers felt was unnecessary.

22. Wasteland 3

 Wasteland 3
Wasteland 3

Key features:

  • Environmental hazard mechanics
  • New, team-based abilities
  • Introduction of vehicles

Developed by inXile Entertainment for the PC, Xbox One and PS4, Wasteland 3 is planned to release in the fourth quarter of 2019.

This is a squad-based RPG with turn-based combat. Played from a top-down view, you will take control over a squad of US rangers in the freezing wastelands of post-apocalyptic Colorado.

This is the first game in the series to feature vehicles. They can be used as mobile headquarters, storage space, transports or even cover in combat.

Combat has been updated with team focused abilities, the use of cover and flanking as well as the use of environmental hazards.

The developers also promise a branching dialogue system that will allow players to make choices that will significantly impact the story.

23. Project Awakening

Project Awakening
Project Awakening

Key features:

  • Cutting edge graphics
  • Rapid, movement-based combat
  • Tough, huge enemies to fight.

Project Awakening is an action RPG being developed by Cygames. The studio will publish the game as a PS4 exclusive at an unknown later that

While promotional material is scarce, a short gameplay demo gave us insights into what the game will look and feel like. From what can be seen, we can expect cutting edge graphics, Dark Souls inspired movement mixed with Monster Hunter combat and a slew of huge enemies to fight.

The short demo looks amazing, with a gritty feel to combat and a constant need to reposition and dodge to avoid the attacks of large enemy monsters such as dragons

24. Dragon Age 4: The Dread Wolf Rises

Dragon Age 4: The Dread Wolf Rises
Dragon Age 4: The Dread Wolf Rises

Key features:

  • Choice based story
  • Interesting and lifelike companion characters
  • Open world zones.

A new Dragon Age game, which still has not received an official title, is being developed by BioWare all will be published by EA.

One of the most beloved series of RPGs, the new Dragon Age is bound to expand upon all the elements that made it such a great success.

Bioware director Casey Hudson has announced that the team is focusing on making a story driven and character focused game. We can expect to see a return of branching dialogues, multiple choices for each quest, and a huge amount of replayability with different endings.

After Inquisition, the last title, introduced us to open-world like zones, it’s hard to imagine that the new title will not expand upon that and bring us even more open explorable zones.

Promo material suggests that the game will pick up where the last one left off, and resolve the story of Solas, a companion turned antagonist from the last game.

With a strong tradition of story driven games, the new Dragon Age is bound to be one of the best RPGs of all time.

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