Fortnite Security Vulnerability opens up personal info of 80 million users

Fortnite Security Vulnerability 2019

An old Epic Games page from 2004 was used to steal access tokens and compromise the entire Epic Games websites. As a result, 80 million accounts were compromised.

Thankfully, it is not a massive data leak that revealed the problem, but a team of security researchers from Check Point.

How Fortnite had a security vulnerability

Apparently, Epic Games didn’t take good enough care of their website, which led to millions Fortnite players exposed by a security flaw. Due to a lack of regular removal of old pages on their website, hackers were able to use the small opening to take over people’s accounts.

Using the page dedicated to the 2004 stats for Unreal Tournament, another Epic Games title, hackers got a hold of approximately 80 million accounts. Injecting malicious codes through this opening, they used access tokens to log onto people’s accounts without the use of a password.

Thankfully the day was saved by Check Point, a security consultancy firm. They are amongst the most prominent firms in the world of “ethical hacking,” where security experts purposely look for flaws in popular websites.

The aftermath of the Fortnite security vulnerability

The spokesperson at Epic Games doesn’t believe users to being hacked seriously, as it was only an access issue. Ever since the problem was noticed, they have removed the infect website –

Security experts around the world have voiced their concern because of this incident, mostly because the majority of the players are kids and have access to their parents’ credit card information.

Using the same method, hackers were able to steal personal information from 29 million people on Facebook. “Access tokens are one of the most frequently used weapons in the world of hacking. We must join forces and mitigate this threat”, said a Check Point representative.

How big is Fortnite

Epic Fortnite gamers have made the game one of the most exciting and lucrative trends of 2018. The unique blend of shooting, strategy and building your own shelter has taken over the gaming like never before. As of now, Fortnite:

● Has 125 million players
● $1.2 billion in revenue
● Brought more than $3 billion worth of profit to Epic Games
● Introduced a new social experience to the world of gaming

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