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Give your brain a workout with these unique mobile puzzles


If you are tired of banal action and you want something deeper and more complex, pay attention to the puzzle games. The selection below shows the most hit representatives of the genre.


This is a quest from the Czech Amanita Design Studio. It tells the story of the robot Josef from the city of Machinarium. In the story, the capital of the robot Kingdom was attacked by a gang of Black hats. They infected the mayor with a virus and stole Josef’s girlfriend. And the poorest janitor was thrown into the dump.

From there, the journey of the main character begins, who wants to return his girlfriend. The user will have to master the skills of managing the Josef, which can stretch and shrink depending on the need. The gameplay itself consists of proper interaction with objects. It’s like playing hexagon mobile games. Sometimes it is very difficult.

LIMBO Mobile Puzzle Game

This game with elements of survival horror became an absolute hit on the Xbox 360. The game was ported to other platforms, including mobile ones.

The gloomy dark forest and oppressive atmosphere magically attract to the screen. Users need to control an unnamed boy who is trying to find his sister. You will not be able to pass the game quickly — the developers have hidden a lot of interesting and difficult puzzles for gamers.

The ending of the game is ambiguous: you may have to go through the game again to understand what happened. The truth that opens at the end will make you look at everything happening in a very different way.


If you have dreamed of trying yourself as a knitted yarn man, the project of Coldwood Interactive is for you.

With the main hero, you can interact with the environment and jump from tree to tree or fly by hooking on a kite. There is no limit to your skill. The tools you have may be simple, but they will help you solve complex puzzles. During the game, you will see a difficult family story told without words.


The atmosphere of loneliness and alienness haunts the user throughout the game. Tasks have become much more difficult, so sometimes you cannot do without the help of the Internet.
As in the case of Limbo, Inside has a confusing ending, or rather there are two of them. However, it is very difficult to get to the second one.


Another game that can tickle your nerves. And what else to expect from the project, in which the main character – a child in a yellow raincoat.

Little Nightmares is a dark fairy tale that will make you remember your childhood nightmares. Help the girl to get out of a strange submarine ship inhabited by creepy creatures who are only looking for something to eat. You’ll end up in a terrible dollhouse that will become both your prison and a playground. Wake up your child, give space to your imagination, and get out to freedom.


Dozens of logical tests are waiting for a girl named Chell, who is trying to get to Glados. To move through the story, the user will have to skillfully manipulate the portal gun, which creates passages in the most incredible places. Most of the puzzles are based on the game with physics.


The third part of the adventures of a dwarf in nine strange worlds stands out vividly against the first two parts. If the puzzles and riddles remained at about the same level (not difficult, but interesting to pass), the visual component is better.

The game is valued primarily for its design and music. See for yourself, download the game to your phone and enjoy!


The plot of the game in the genre of survival horror revolves around a boy who tries to get into the basement of a neighbor’s house by any means. He needs to solve puzzles, as well as resist a negligent neighbor. The longer you play, the smarter your neighbor becomes, and the harder it is to fight him. He learns from his mistakes and turns into a formidable opponent.


You wake up alone on an island full of complex and amazing mysteries. You have forgotten who you are and how you got to the island. So the only thing left is to explore the area – suddenly there is something here that will help you get your memory back and find your way home.
An interesting start of the game, isn’t it? Combined with an unusual design, the game looks very cool.


This quest puzzle will send the user on a journey around the world with Kate Walker. The player will visit many cities in Europe, as well as the Russian far East. The main task is to find the inventor Hans Voralberg, whom everyone believes to be dead. But this is not so easy — you will have to sweat a lot, first of all, with your brain.


The Room is a well-known series of puzzles, four parts of which can give you many hours of intellectual pleasure.

The last game in the series is The Room: Old Sins. Its plot is associated with a creepy dollhouse in the attic of a brilliant engineer’s house. With the help of a mysterious magnifying glass, you need to find all the secrets hidden in the house, and reveal the secret of the disappearance of the engineer and his wife.

As you go through the game, you will find items that will help you find your way out, and learn more and more details of the story from the notebooks left behind. Each game is quite long and addictive. So get ready to spend long hours with the gadget, solving one puzzle after another. These games are paid, but if you like good puzzles, they are worth money.


Brainless! is a colorful puzzle for quickness. Players are waiting for quite unusual tasks, to solve which you need to interact with the elements on the screen and implement even the craziest ideas. For example, how to divide 4 apples between 4 people so that one remains in the basket? Think about it, the answer is quite simple.

The game has a simple interface and bright graphics that will appeal to gamers of all ages.

What is your favorite mobile puzzle game? 

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