Huge Star Citizen Alpha 3.6 Update Is Out Now, Get to know their Cool additions

star citizen 3.6 update

On 19 July 2019 Cloud Imperium Games announced the Alpha 3.6 update for Star Citizen; thanks to the sci-fi massively multiplayer online universe that has been in working for about seven years.

See, how excited Star Citizen is about the update!

Last weekend didn’t just roll-out an update for all Star Citizen Backers but also introduced a legal system to the multiplayer space trading and combat game.

CEO Chris Roberts has disclosed that the company had already spent enough and build a team of nearly 500 people, who are delivering updates on a regular basis.

He said:

Star Citizen has always been about player choice and playing the way you want to play but it doesn’t mean it’s a lawless universe

Means, no more lawless plundering, hacking, and lightening-speeds.

Well, there are 19 laws that have been added in the regulate space and terrestrial crime; interestingly, tolerances and consequences to any funny business will depend on your respective region. For example, if you commit a crime in Stanton, then the full force of the United Empire of Earth will soon be around you. Now, the wretched hive of scum and villainy GrimHEX won’t care a lot.

If you want to know all the Citizen Alpha laws of all the regions, switch your regional IP address with a gaming-friendly VPN and enjoy the most of it.

This massive update of the gaming world hosting new law stations, additional space stations, some new missions, and yes, how could one ignore all the ‘quality-of-life’ improvements.

Select your favorite space ships, add in your shopping are pay without leaving the game’s interface – pay via virtual currency.

Want to know more about this update, here is the rundown.

New Missions and New Laws

With the new laws, offenders will be attacked by NPCs who are on a mission to bring justice. The Alpha 3.6 update introduces a number of new missions that will convince you to break the law; that would be an interesting dynamic.

The law system penalizes players for all bad behavior, running from minor fines to serious offenses, where NPCs will go after you with orders like “kill on sight.”

Talking about the law system, Chris Roberts said:

“The new law system brings a much more systemic approach to law and order throughout the Star Citizen universe; different locations and factions can have different rules which will be enforced by AI or even other players as the crime becomes more serious. It’s yet another step on the road to a fully breathing dynamic universe that reacts to and is shaped by the players’ actions.”

In fact, new missions are now will be more encouraging for illegal hacking and black market trades, shaking gameplay up considerably.

Be aware! The game’s NPC law enforcement will pursue you if caught red-handed.

You have three options if the space cops come to you;

  1. Flee the region where you’re wanted,
  2. Pay off the bounty you’ve accumulated, or
  3. Hack the records and clean your slate.

But if you can’t be nabbed, the game will assign other players to take you down (only) if your crime stat will reach notorious levels.

New Ships, Vehicles, Weapons

New Ships, Vehicles, Weapons

The new update of this game has now sprinkled throughout the Stanton system, featuring docking pads, shops, and so many other interesting things for you to explore.

Improving ships and flights, Citizen Alpha 3.6 update is offering;

  • Hover Mode: Hover mode is completely automatic and only applies when you are flying at a certain speed, it only operates in areas where there is gravity say planets, moon, and landing pads.
  • Added ship component Degradation and Misfires: Items such as powerplants and thrusters performance become low if your use is heavier, it becomes overheated and can damage the accumulation which leads to misfires. In addition, all vehicle weapons now support visual degradation.
  • Ship Shields, Power plants, Coolers, and Thrusters: Shields have reworked to add major differences among manufacturers and classifications, providing a difference in feel and value of the equipment.
  • Ship specific voice channel: Entering a ship will let you join the channel, that allows you to use Face over IP or simple VoIP calls to “hail” others (ships); it’s like giving players one more way to team up and communicate across the Star Citizen universe. Additionally, FoIP and TrackIR now feature “free look” via head-tracking technology, allowing you to manage in-game FPS controls.
  • Ship Purchasing Kiosks: Nearly all the Star Citizen’s 90+ flyable ships and drivable vehicles are now can be purchasable in-game via in-game currency.
  • Anvil Ballista: This is a new missile vehicle which is fired from the ground. This has long-range scanning radar, plus the firepower – to control the skies from the ground.
  • Behring s38 pistol: This is a standard sidearm, widespread across the Empire for both citizens and law enforcement officers, its functionality minimizes recoil while enabling quick semi-automatic fire.
  • Aegis Vanguard Warden: It is a long-range military fighter plane with extensive weapon design to tear through the shield and armor of the spacecraft.
  • MaxOx Neutron Repeaters: This is a new ship weapon is designed for devastating close-range ship combat, featuring a twin-barrel system and firing neutron projectiles at a rapid rate.
  • Klaus & Werner Lumin V gun: When constantly on the attack, the robust design of the will provide low recoil and a tight spread, while firing energy bolts or bursts – five shots at a time.
  • Kruger Intergalactic P52 Merlin: It’s ideal for racing, local recon, and faster combats, this snub fighter ship is designed to transport larger ship abroad. With its Lightning Power engine and centerline-mounted Gatling cannon, it’s maneuverable, fast, and packs a punch.
  • Kruger Intergalactic P72 Archimedes: This sister craft to the Merlin features an additional intake and lighter hull to boost capabilities and deliver exceptional handling in a package.


  • Some FPS (first-person weapons) have customized via multiple attachments including a holographic, telescope, and others – all you can find on FPS weapon shop.
  • It has also added the ability to activate head tracking and a free look in the first person -as a hold rather than a smart toggle.
  • The new FPS Weapon is Klaus & Werner Lumin V SMG – it’s a solid and dependable laser submachine gun; don’t worry! It’s durable, reliable, and accurate. This can be purchased at Center Mass and Conscientious Objects.


  • The comms visor will display which channel you are VOIP broadcasting to, who is speaking, and who else is in the channel with you.
  • Players now invite an entire channel into their parties.
  • Players can also set to auto-join the global proximity VOIP channel.
  • New features are done, let’s quickly scan through some features that have just updated, to improve our experience.

Updated Features

Updated Features


  • Unified TrackIR and FOIP head-tracking buttons.
  • Updated and polished head tracking functionality including the addition of head roll.

Star Universe

  • A complete update of Rest Stop exteriors and shapes.
  • Moved Delamar away from Crusader and into its object container.
  • Updated commodity pricing with the addition of black markets and stolen commodities.
  • Updated several locations with an improved visual look.
  • Reduced the volume of the adjust music with an added option to mute.
  • Added the ability for AI pilots to strafe.
  • Added Oxypen and MediPen to Sons shop and Lorville Tammany.
  • Updated the transit system.
  • Trains are now on loops with multiple trains.
  • Updated and extended player carriable items.
  • Added clustering for mineable entities.
  • Mineable rocks are now in medium to large clusters rather than single rocks.


  • Improved video and lighting to coms calls.
  • Color and names of channels can now be edited.
  • Players now decide which chat channel to be directed to the visor.


  • Re-enabled ECN missions.
  • Multiple improvements to FPS missions.
  • Temporarily removed escort and distraction missions.
  • There are now as many PVP bounty missions as there are criminal player targets.


  • Improved the look and feel of the character jumps.
  • Updated ragdoll properties in all situations.
  • Polished to smooth out crouch turns and first-person turns.
  •  Added a display screen to the GRIN multi-tool and KLWE Arclight pistol.

Ships and Vehicles

  • Completed rework of the Aegis Vanguard Warden.
  • Decreased the hull strength of Khartu-Al and Arrow while decreased the strength of Reliant.
  • Revised the P-52 Merlin.
  • Updated the HUD of the Gladius and JUST quantum drives.
  • Removed the ability to change paints on the VMA and Arena Commander Vehicle editor.
  • Updated Prospector main engine with VFX.
  • Removed collision from the Freelancer’s turret forks.
  • Updated rate of fire on all repeaters.
  • Added audio feedback for g-force stress.

Huge Star Citizen Alpha 3.6 Update has also fixed some bugs too.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed missing thruster damage VFX.
  • Ship controls for the Nox have now animated.
  • Customized 325a’s and no longer have mismatched cargo holds.
  • Strafing has animated on the Cutlass HOTAS.
  • Players will no longer get stuck inside of ArcCorp rooftops when going prone.
  • Players will now be able to vault or mantle from a crouch.
  • Players will no longer force pass out by jumping.
  • Loading into Arena Commander as a spectator will no longer display infinite load screen.
  • The Eclipse radar will no longer be reversed.
  • The attitude flight HUD will now appear properly when flying at Delamar.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Valkyrie camo skin.
  • Assisted gimbals are no longer wander when no target is locked.
  • The undersuit will no longer display thruster VFX when not in EVA.
  • Ship engine and idle glow will properly be off when the ship is off.
  • Fixed an issue where scan blob contact VFX was played.
  • Ruto’s face now fully appears.
  • Female characters should now sit in the copilot seat o.
  • Party launch and “join friends” should now work from the main menu.
  • Players will no longer fall through a planet when loading back in.

Star Citizen is one of the most successful crowdfunded game in the world of gaming, already raised more than $229 million so far.

Other than the main game, Star Citizen’s single-player Squadron 42 mode features a range of AAA actors – Henry Cavill, John Rhys Davies, Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson, Gary Oldman, Mark Strong, Liam Cunningham, and Ben Mendelsohn.


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