The Sims 4 Cheats: Every Cheat Code and Life Hack You’ll Need

sims 4 cheats

All the Sims cheats for every expansion, all in one convenient place.

Sims 4 cheats to improve your Sims’ lives now that the base game is free? There’s nothing more iconic than cheats and sims, and if you just need a little extra cash, a free home, or want to resurrect a family member who died before your time, cheats have got your back. Cheats allow you to ignore everyday problems like money or mortality and focus on confusion and fun.

This Sims 4 cheats guide contains codes for every expansion and packs released. Most of The Sims’ expansions and packs each have unique cheat groups for jobs, deaths, and features. With the latest High School Years expansion pack, you can grab all the cheats you want below to help you survive school or succeed in new side paths.
We’ve organized the page so it’s easy to find tables for all the skills, professions, and attributes you might need to maximize your Sim’s level. You can also use the Ctrl+F key on the page to add the nickname or package yourself. We want to find cheats for them in every section. We also have instructions on how to activate in-game cheats if you haven’t used them before or even if it’s been a while.

How To Activate Sims Cheats

To enable Sims 4 cheats, press Ctrl + Shift + C during gameplay to open the cheat console. Enter the cheat codes of your choice in the text field that opens and press enter.

If “shift-click” is flagged, you must first enter “testingCheats [true/false]” in the cheat menu. Test cheats allow you to unlock a new move and click menu options with sims, objects, or ground.

When testingcheats are active, you can move Sims between families, fulfill their needs and happiness, dirty or clean items, and teleport Sims wherever you want, among other things described below.

Sims 4 Money Cheat

Spending all your money on groceries and bills is too much like real life. Why make your Sims start from the bottom when it’s so much more fun to start from the top? Enter any of these Sims
money cheat keywords into the cheat console to get tons of money instantly.

  • kaching: get 1,000 simoleons
  • rosebud: get 1,000 simoleons (for The Sims veterans who remember it)
  • motherlode: get 50,000 simoleons
  • Money [#]: change household simoleons to an exact number
  • FreeRealEstate [on/off]: enter this in neighborhood or world view to make all lots free
  • household.autopay_bills [true/false]: Turn household bills on and off.

UI Cheats

Use these handy The Sims
UI cheats to remove game elements from view or add more utilities:

  • headlineeffects [on/off]: Enables or disables headline effects like plumbobs and speech bubbles
  • hovereffects [on/off]: Disable the hover effect when you mouseover a Sim
  • fullscreenToggle: Makes the game fullscreen/windowed
  • fps [on/off]: Display the fps on the screen

Sims 4 Build Cheats

  • bb.moveobjects: the Sims 4 move objects cheat is a vital one for builders, which allows you to ignore placement rules for objects
  • bb.showhiddenobjects: the “debug cheat” which shows extra buildable items, often neighborhood scenery and small clutter, that cannot be bought
  • bb.enablefreebuild: build anywhere, even on locked lots
  • bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement: buy items locked by careers

When an object is selected, you can also press Shift + [ or Shift + ]  to shrink or expand the object.

Sims 4 Live Cheats

Things can go completely wrong in The Sims 4 if you waste time. Here are some cheats to get you out of a sticky situation:

  • resetsim [firstname lastname]: Resets a stuck Sim.sims.give_satisfaction_points [#]: Gives a Sim an amount of satisfaction points.
  • fillmotive motive_[motive]: Fills the specified motive, valid for: Bladder, Energy, Fun, Hunger, Hygiene, Social.
  • sims.fill_all_commodities: Fills the motives for all Sims in the household.
  • aspirations.complete_current_milestone: Completes a Sim’s current aspiration goal and awards the matching points.

Sims 4 Highschool Years Cheats

These graduation cheats will help your teenage Sim get through school (or get kicked out). These are all handled through the trait system, so you use cheat traits.equip_trait [trait]. For more high school cheats on careers, skills, and personality traits, check out the below.

  • trait_hsexit_graduate_early
  • trait_hsexit_graduate_honors
  • trait_hsexit_graduate_valedictorian
  • trait_hsexit_expelled
  • trait_hsexit_dropout

You can also remove them using traits.remove_trait just like any other trait. For high school cheats related to careers, skills, and personality traits, see the table below.

The Sims Werewolf Cheats

The cheats for the Werewolf pack are primarily related to traits. To instantly turn a Sim into a werewolf in The Sims 4 Werewolfs Pack, add the werewolf trait using traits.equip_trait trait_occultwerewolf.

To remove the werewolf trait immediately, use traits.remove_trait trait_occultwerewolf instead. See the table below for werewolf traits.

The Werewolves Pack also added a number of cheats to add temperament to werewolves. Temperaments are typically unlocked through gameplay and affect how quickly werewolf rages and rampages. To add temperaments to your werewolf, use the traits.equip_trait trait_OccultWerewolf_Temperaments_[temperaments] cheat and replace the bracketed section with one of the following temperaments.

  • AntiCapitalistCanine – Adds the ‘Anti-Capitalist Canine’ temperament
  • BigBadWolf – Adds the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ temperament
  • Carnivore – Adds the ‘Carnivore’ temperament
  • EasilyExcitable – Adds the ‘Easily Excitable’ temperament
  • FeelsOutcasted – Adds the ‘Feels Outcasted’ temperament
  • Frisky – Adds the ‘Frisky’ temperament
  • GrumpyWolf – Adds the ‘Grumpy Wolf’ temperament
  • HatesBeingWet – Adds the ‘Hates Being Wet’ temperament
  • HungryLikeTheWolf – Adds the ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’ temperament
  • Lunar_ForestMark – Adds the ‘Mark of the Forest’ temperament
  • Lunar_HuntMark – Adds the ‘Mark of the Hunt’ temperament
  • Lunar_NightMark – Adds the ‘Mark of the Night’ temperament
  • Lunar_WolfMark – Adds the ‘Mark of the Wolf’ temperament
  • MustBeClean – Adds the ‘Must Be Clean’ temperament
  • NightWolf – Adds the ‘Night Wolf’ temperament
  • Prideful – Adds the ‘Prideful’ temperament
  • RestlessAnimal – Adds the ‘Restless Animal’ temperament
  • SensitiveHearing – Adds the ‘Sensitive Hearing’ temperament
  • SurvivalInstincts – Adds the ‘Survival Instincts’ temperament
  • Territorial – Adds the ‘Territorial’ temperament
  • WolfBrain – Adds the ‘Wolf Brain’ temperament
  • WrackedWithGuilt – Adds the ‘Wracked With Guilt’ temperament

Sims 4: Seasons cheats

After creating a new world, you can’t change the season at will, so you’ll have to use a cheat instead. Or live every season live, but that would take too long.

Use seasons.set_season [#] to change it at will. Each season is represented by a number:

  • Summer: 0
  • Fall: 1
  • Winter: 2
  • Spring: 3

You can also use seasons.advance_season to go forward in time by just one season.

Sims 4: Get Famous cheats

If you want to climb the fame ladder, you can use very simple fame points [#] which add fame points to the currently selected sim.

The Sims: Eco Lifestyle Cheats

One of the first things you might want to do with the Eco Lifestyle cheats is to change the eco-footprint of your neighborhood. If you just can’t bear to start in an industrial area, use eco_footprint.set_eco_footprint_state [#] with one of the following numbers:

  • 0 – Green Eco Footprint
  • 1 – Neutral Eco Footprint
  • 2 – Industrial Eco Footprint

Sims 4 Batuu cheats

If you want unlimited galaxy credits you need for console.

  • bucks.update_bucks_by_amount 512011000

Note that the “1000” at the end is the amount of galaxy credits you give your sim. You can change this number to anything.

The following clothing cheat will open the entire Path to Batuu list, but remember to enter it into Create Sims or Batuu Housing.

  • cas.unlockbytag GP09

Sims 4 decorator clothing cheat

To unlock the clothing items that are gated behind career progress, use cas.unlockbytag GP10

Sims 4 Island Living cheats

Use volcanic_eruption [small/large] to make lava rain from the sky onto your lot.

Sims 4 Shift+Click cheats

Shift+Click on Sims and objects for the following effects:

Game Pack




Base GameSimCheat need > Make happySets all your Sim’s motives to full and mood to Happy
Base GameSimCheat need > Disable need decayAllows or stops Sims from Needing changes
Base GameSim / ObjectReset objectWorks on Sims and objects to reset their status
Base GameSimAdd to familyAdds a Sim to your currently played family.
Base GameSimModify in CASModify the Sim in Create-a-Sim aside from the name and inherited traits
Base GameObjectMake clean/dirtyUse on an object to make it dirty or clean
Base GameGroundTeleport SimShift+Click on the ground to teleport a Sim to that point.
Base GameObjectMake headUse an object to stick on top of your Sim’s neck like a horrible chimera
Base GameMailboxUtilitiesChange the power and water consumption or production on the lot
Base GameMailboxAlter needsTurn off needs for the world or household or fill all needs.
PetsAnimalGive quirkGive a fear or love TV quirk to an animal.
PetsFood bowlFillRefill your pet’s food for free.
Discover UniversityRobotics TableSpawn crafting suppliesGives you 50 of everything in the current Sim’s inventory.
Eco LifestyleVoting Board/MailboxEnact/Repeal NAPInstantly enact or repeal a Neighborhood Action Plan.
Eco LifestyleVoting Board/MailboxGive Sim InfluenceGain Influence needed for Neighborhood activities.
Eco LifestyleSim/Fabrication MachineGive bucks > Bits/PiecesGet 500 Bits of Pieces currency
BatuuSimBatuu Cheats > Give Batuu ItemsGet Batuu items for free
BatuuSimBatuu Cheats / Batuu ReputationSet your allegiance with the First Order or Resistance.
BatuuSimBatuu Cheats > Faction World StatesSet world state to First Order or Resistance.
BatuuRey / Kylo RenAdd to familyLike other Sims, you ccan add Rey or Kyle Ren to your family.
Cottage LivingAnimalCheat relationship > Set max friendshipBecome besties with your animals.
Cottage LivingAnimalGet all Animal ClothesUnlocks all outfits for your animal.
Cottage LivingGroundCreate animalSpawn in a rabbit, chick, hen, or rooster.
Cottage LivingChicken coop / Rabbit homeSpawn rabbit/chicken/eggSpawn in any of those mentioned.
Cottage LivingFridgeAnimal treatsUnlock animal treat recipes.

Sims 4 Relationship Cheats

If your Sim has the same problem making friends as I do in real life, the cheat console code relation.introduce_sim_to_all_others will instantly introduce your Sim to all their neighbors.

Icebreaker is even easier when relations.create_friends_for_sim spawns a new Sim into the plot that is already friends with you.
If you need better control over friendship (and romance), use the following to increase and decrease the relationship between two Sims:

modifyrelationship [YourSimFirstName] [YourSimLastName] [TargetSimFirstName] [TargetSimLastName] 100 LTR_Friendship_Main

Replacing “friendship” with “romance” changes the values ​​of romantic relationships. Positive values ​​increase links, while using negative values ​​(such as -100) decreases links.

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