The Ultimate Fortnite Beginner Guide

The Ultimate Fortnite Beginner Guide

Fortnite has taken the throne as the most popular battle royale game and has been comfortably sitting on it for years now.
That being said, if you’re new to the game (or maybe the game genre altogether!), you may need a few pieces of quality advice.
After reading this article, you’ll be able to jump into your first ever Fortnite game with no confusion – the rest of the road will be paved with your own trial and error, but you’ll have the head start!
Here are the most important tips any beginner Fortnite player should keep in mind:

1. Haste Makes Waste

Remember The Hunger Games? The very beginning of any Fortnite game is similar, so be like the smartest players in that movie and don’t rush like everyone else.
Instead, wait until the last second to drop from the Battle Bus, as this has multiple advantages, namely:

– you will be more isolated in the first few minutes of the game;
– it decreases your chances of getting shot as soon as you land;
– there will be less competition for the loot in the area where you landed.

2. Knowledge is Power

The rarity of weapons is extremely important in any battle royale, and Fortnite is no exception.
Here’s the color-coded rarity scale of Fortnite weapons, from most common to most rare options:

1. Grey
2. Green
3. Blue
4. Purple
5. Gold

As much as you should always aim for the best resources possible, do keep in mind throughout the game that, the rarer anything is, the more people will be fighting for it.
You may be able to fight one other person for a blue gun – but five others for a gold one is a different story. Every choice you make should be calculated.

Fortnite Weapon Rarity

3. Don’t Break the Rules

As with every competitive online game, Fortnite too is bound to get frustrating at times. And, in turn, this can result in:
– players looking for shortcuts to achieve wins (as in, cheats);
– players getting upset at others and behaving poorly (as in, toxicity).
You should keep in mind that by engaging in any of the two activities, you will get banned and in turn, lose access to your Fortnite account.
Epic Games is quite strict when addressing such activities, so steer clear of any cheats or activity that can result in a punishment.
But, since Fortnite is, after all, a player versus player game, you’re bound to get falsely reported every now and then, especially once you become better at aiming.
That being said, if you ever get suspended unfairly, you should have no issues getting your Fortnite ban removed.

4. The Art of War

The general rules of war, or any physical fights, do apply in Fortnite. That being said, the most important thing to keep in mind is always trying to get the higher ground.
You will find that having a bigger field of vision is always an advantage in Fortnite, so don’t shy away from hills or rooftops.
If you feel like you need more cover, build some walls around yourself (depending on your game mode), but don’t give up great positioning once you have it!


5. Hoard – but do it Right!

If you’ve ever played Minecraft or anything like it, you’re already familiar with the idea of gathering as many resources as possible.
Try your best to fill your inventory with a variety of materials, but don’t stall while doing it. The best Fortnite strategy is to work on your APM so that you can loot even while running, so that you’re harder to follow or be tracked down.
This will also help you better manage your in-game time.

6. Sound and Stealth are the Key

Here are two pieces of advice that go hand in hand: play with sound on and know that the other players do that, too.
Fortnite is an extremely immersive game, which means that sound plays a big role in whether you win or not, so use it to your advantage.
Your environment will either save you or kill you, depending on how much attention you are paying to it – is that wildlife or footsteps you hear?
And this is no secret – the other players know it too. So, when you’re near other people, or in an area that doesn’t provide much cover, crouch, crouch, crouch!
Not only will you be harder to spot visually, but your footsteps also won’t be as loud as they normally are, which can allow you to “trick” even the more experienced players.

Final Thoughts

Most of the knowledge will come with playing the game and learning as you go. Eventually, you will get used to the best Fortnite strategies to use in each situation, as not every game is the exact same.
However, these tips should help you through your first games and make them as fun as possible, without having to worry too much about the overly technical details.
Go in, have fun, and keep learning!

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