5 Tips to Become a Game Developer

5 Tips to Become a Game Developer

Video games are one of the most popular entertainment systems in the world, a trend that’s ongoing for decades and still, it’s going strong. Moreover, the gaming industry is one of the most profitable software branches with giants like Microsoft, Sony, Tencent, EA, and others making billions of dollars each year. Along with large corporative solutions, Google and Apple provide the means for startups and independent developers to publish their own work via Google play store and Apple’s application market. All things considered, it seems as if it’s never been better for the gaming industry, which makes the game developing a lucrative trait. If you are looking for your chance to make it in the business, here are a few things you should take into account before you become the next hot topic of the world of video games.

Tools you need

The first order of business is to equip you with the most essential tools for the job. Currently, there is a tight battle between Unity and Unreal game engines. Unity has a slight advantage in terms of use and features, not that Unreal is without its perks. Both engines give you the chance to publish your 3D or 2D games on all of the major platforms like Xbox, Nintendo, Android, and iOS devices. You will have to learn some basic C# coding; however, the engines provide means for developing with minimum coding.

In order to create objects, you should consider Photoshop or Illustrator, although Illustrator would be a more logical choice simply because it creates vector objects which are more suitable for manipulation.

For Audio design, you should consider using software like Audacity or some other, which would allow you to create amazing sound effects for your games.

Learn to manage

Moreover, developing a video game means working with graphic designers who will create the visuals for your game, and also great writers who will create the game narrative and give the game its flair. If you are a one-man show, taking all the work could be stressful, so think about finding help to pick some of the load away from your hands.

Essay writing service uk could create a narrative for you, or in case you have the story in your head and you just need some fixing up, also it could make sure your storyline is flawless. In short, you should be a good team player, and learn how to delegate the work.

Learn how to write dialogues in a proper way. You may use the help of the best essay writing service reviews to save your time, find expert writers and also it may help you to deal with other problems.

In case you are not interested in developing games singlehandedly, then it’s best to focus your attention on a particular part of the design and master it so you can offer your services to a company that has the needs for a person of your talents.

The importance of Beta testing

“Before launching a game, it’s important to Beta test your product. By allowing a small group of users to test your game you can collect a wide array of data that can help you improve performance, fix bugs, work on usability improvements, and get firsthand word of mouth out on the street” says a professional game creator of the GameGuru Kideo Hidzema.

Be sure to beta-test your game separately on each platform you decide to publish your game on. You can examine the market situation and choose which platform you want to go with. At the moment, according to data, mobile games are on fire but the situation can change with time.

Be ready to face the competition

Video game development is an extremely competitive field of play. North America and Europe are the leaders when it comes to global share with North America taking the top with 50 percent of all developers working in this part of the world, according to available data. This is one of the main reasons why you should look to master the essential skills as well as build an impressive portfolio because finding investors and reaching the market share you need in order to make a name for yourself is extremely difficult.

Work on your creativity

In the past, game development was much more oriented on programming so that the game would fit the limited hardware potential. However, nowadays, the hardware is so powerful that developers can focus more on the creative sides of work like storytelling, graphics, character attributes, the creation of complex labyrinths, and endless worlds. Reading can take you a long way when it comes to sharpening up your creative side. One of the most popular games in the world, Warcraft, is based on elements taken from Tolkien’s literal lore.

In addition, a high level of creativity will also help you in writing code for your games. Most programmers say that writing code is like writing a story. With some experience and enough creative thinking, you will manage to create clean code, avoid bugs, deal with issues faster, and find the resolution to any problem.


Game developers enjoy amazing paychecks, an interesting working atmosphere, and a chance to become legends in their industry and beyond. One would argue that creating video games is the dream of almost every child in the world, however, few of them make that dream come true. If you wish to bring your fantasies to life, becoming a game developer is one of the most efficient ways, especially if we take all of the technical innovations that give us the most astonishing possibilities to enjoy virtual reality. Let these tips be your guide to your own path to glory.

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