Why Should You Own A Gaming Tablet?

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If you’re thinking of purchasing a tablet, you’d know that there are specific types that gamers love using – some of them aren’t manufactured exclusively for gaming, but they’re perfect for it. There are a couple of features that do this, making them perfect for the everyday user. These include performance, viewing experience, battery life and so much more. We’ve talked about them below.

They Are Big

What differentiates tablets from phablets is that they’re much larger. Tabs are around 7 inches, while tablets can be 10-13 inches. A lot of them are below 10 inches, though. This is as their appearance is important. However, those made for gaming have massive displays. Since gaming is supposed to be an immersive experience, this is not possible if you’re playing on a small screen.

Very Ergonomic

As tablets are on the larger side, holding them can be uncomfortable. Most of the time, they are placed on a stand so you can watch movies. But you’ll need to hold them with both hands if you’re going to game.

Manufacturers know this, which is why tabs made for gaming have very ergonomic bodies. They come with edges that are not sharp – this makes them easier to grip. Considering that you might be playing racing games like Asphalt 8, where you’d regularly need to turn it, this is what you want.
They not only come with smooth sides but are made from superior materials. They rock Gorilla Glass or aluminum, which generally are slippery, but they are toothed to help you hold them better.

Have A Lot Of Storage

Gamers don’t exclusively play one game. They also regularly explore software and apps that help with their performance. This wouldn’t be possible if the tablets didn’t come with a lot of space. You’ll see very basic gaming tabs rocking 32 gigs. This is great as the regular budget devices come with about 16.

You probably know what microSD slots are – you place microSDs in them and expand a device’s storage. We’re happy to say that the majority of tablets for gaming come with the feature.

If you’re planning on picking up a gaming tab, we recommend one that has over 128 gigs of space. Luckily for you, they aren’t hard to find.

Have A Light Tablet

Gaming tablets are designed to be taken to multiple places. A gamer is not going to game only at home, after all. They are slim due to the materials they are made from. A lot of the time, this is high-quality aluminum. This not only makes them a breeze to carry but stylish too. When you take them out, your friends would be intrigued.

Bright Screens

Tablets come with all sorts of displays. This is true for phones too, and you’ll see budget ones rocking IPS LCD fronts. David Castano from Converged Devices says “IPS LCDs are quite sharp, but you won’t see them in some gaming tablets – they aren’t vibrant, so you won’t get an immersive experience.”

We have to agree – tablets have large screens, so vibrancy is important. That’s why many gaming tabs rock OLED panels – you’ll see Super AMOLEDs in several Samsung devices.

Dynamic and Fluid AMOLED screens are available too, and gaming tablets offer them. As the name suggests, Dynamic AMOLEDs have screens with a great deal of contrast. They have very dark black. Fluid AMOLEDs are their regular counterparts with more buttery animations.

Sharp Displays

When gaming, vibrancy is important, but so is sharpness. No matter which gamer you speak to, they’d tell you that pixelation is the bane of their existence. Manufacturers know this, which is why tablets designed for gaming come with a sharp front. You’ll usually find those with larger displays rocking the sharpest resolutions – after all, there is more surface area for pixels to emerge from.

1920 x 1080-pixel screens are common in the best gaming tablets. As a non-gamer would probably be using them to stream movies, they allow for highly detailed viewing experiences.
Something we love about gaming tabs is that the cheaper types have pretty sharp screens too. After all, pixelation would not allow for a good time spent gaming.

A Massive Battery

Whether you’re a gamer or not, you probably want a massive battery. Gaming is an extensive task – playing something like Asphalt 8 with an OLED screen would drain any device in a couple of hours. The thing to know about tabs is that they generally don’t last that long. That’s why those made for gaming have enormous units and superior power saving modes.

You’ll see the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro, which is a Gaming tab, rocking an over 10,000 mAh battery. The third-gen iPad Pro which is notable among tablet gamers is well-known to last for more than half a day.


Gaming tabs have considerable RAMs. This helps the game load faster, and allow more apps to run in the background. 8 GB is very common with tablets made for gaming. The lowest would be 4 GB, which is a lot in general for tabs. As a non-gamer, you should know that with very little RAM, whatever program is running in the background might force-close.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, tablets made for gaming are the superior choice. They come with large displays, so you’ll get an immersive experience when watching movies. They not only have large screens, but they’re vibrant too. Super AMOLEDs and other OLEDs are usually present in these tablets. We especially like the fact that they’re so portable.

When you hold the device, you’ll notice that it’s ergonomic. Gaming with a tab means that you have to grip it and move it in your hands, which is not possible if it’s slippery or sharp. The devices tend to have a lot of RAM and large batteries too – gaming would not be comfortable otherwise.

These features make these tablets the best devices for the everyday user. Keep them in mind when picking up a gaming tablet too.

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