AI – The Future of Mobile Gaming That’s Already Here

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Most of us are already aware of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it’s shaping the world of technology for the future. From home speakers to cars, AI is everywhere and confirming that the future of technology lies in the effective use of artificial intelligence technology.

Arguably, in the gaming industry, this revolution began very early. Gaming and AI have walked hand-in-hand right from the very beginning when the computerized game NIM was launched.

The game NIM launched in 1952 utilized a basic idea of artificial intelligence. Since then, artificial intelligence experts have used gaming as their research and experimentation center.

According to, the arrival of mobile gaming has boosted the AI revolution even further as developers now need to develop intuitive and adaptive gameplay to keep the games balanced and the gamers interested.

However, AI is still at its initial stages and is bound to be the future of mobile gaming.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence AI is a simple name given to a complex process involving sophisticated algorithms. It allows the computer to adapt and change according to the behaviour and interaction of the users.

AI Makes Mobile Games Smarter

Artificial intelligence is used extensively in the gaming industry to provide users an unpredictable gameplay experience making the game seem less pre-programmed. Early mobile games ran a pre-programmed setup where the player doesn’t have many choices other than just playing through the stages as they come. The game worked as it is programmed to work, giving the same results every time. These games aren’t quite interesting once it is completed as the player now knows exactly how every event will unfurl in the game.

But AI allows developers to create mobile games that analyse the player’s behaviour to give them a more personalized experience. The game can provide different results based on the player’s interaction within the gameplay, keeping the game interesting even for a player who has played it several times.

Games like Artie’s Adventure and The Walking Dead are great examples of AI-generated smart mobile gameplay. In these games, the player has to interact with characters and make choices during the gameplay, and the final result is different every time, based on the choices they make.

Infinite Gaming

Artificial intelligence is also being used in mobile games to generate game levels and stages instantaneously. The game can track the data and the player’s interaction to create customized levels on the go. It allows users to enjoy distinct levels every time. The game keeps giving them different levels to clear based on their interaction in previous levels.

The popular game Minecraft is implementing a similar AI technique to create an infinite world where users can collect resources and build things on and on.

How will AI shape the future of Mobile Gaming?

The games currently using AI technology are providing some amazing insights on how the mobile gaming industry will be in the future.

Currently, AI is at its initial stages in mobile gaming, and mobile game developers are battling limitations such as quick data transfer and quality real-time streaming. Due to this, the games aren’t able to provide top-notch graphics and size.

However, with developments in the field of high-speed internet and cloud-based gaming solutions, developers will not have such limitations in the future. It means the developers will create high-quality smart games that can interact with the players in a much deeper and sensitive way in the future.

AI also allows automation of difficult programming tasks, which will enable game developers to focus more on the creative aspects of the games. Even small-scale developers will be capable of creating good quality games to make their place in the competitive mobile gaming industry.

Here are some gaming ideas that we can expect to see in the future:

  • It is possible that in the near future, players won’t have to choose difficulty levels at the beginning of their games. The AI will automatically analyse your level of gameplay and will offer suitable difficulty for you.
  • The characters of the game would become highly interactive and realistic. AI-powered game characters in the future can be capable of recognizing your voice and taking voice commands during the gameplay.
  • Virtual reality, coupled with AI, can completely change the gaming world. Imagine being able to play in a realistic infinite world and interact with its characters who can even recognize your voice and react according to your commands; amazing, isn’t it?

AI will make monetization easy

This is the most interesting of all the benefits of AI in the mobile gaming industry. AI can understand the user’s behaviour in the game and present them with personalized in-app purchases and other monetization options. The developers will also have a better understanding of the users’ preferences and trends, which will enable them to develop better updates to suit the users.

Mobile Gaming VS Other Gaming Platforms

AI is the future of mobile gaming. Though PC games are currently using AI more elaborately than mobile games, it will not be long before mobile gaming becomes the leading gaming platform globally.

Easy access and better cloud services are the reasons why mobile games are considered the future of gaming. You can play the games from anywhere without requiring access to a PC, and online PVP gaming is also quite easier with mobiles.


With the ongoing global expansion of 5g high-speed internet and the proposed 6g services in the process, smartphones are rapidly becoming the most preferred of all gaming platforms. And with the growing interest in mobile gaming, developers are pushed to provide better, faster, and more intelligent games than ever before.

The only solution to this is AI. AI will allow game developers to provide a more personalized gaming experience to the players, and it will also improve the overall monetization system.

Monetization, flexibility, better user experience, and lesser cost of development; there are simply plenty of benefits that indicate that AI is the future of mobile gaming, and so do we conclude.

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