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9 Best Android Games for 2020

list of best android games 2020

Since mobile phones were invented, people have always been amazed at the number of things it can do. Among them are games. With the birth of smart and android phones, games have never been the same. And since then, many players have bid goodbye to their Nintendo, PSP, Gameboys, and many other devices used for playing. Even the most complicated board games can be played on android phones.

What’s more, they come in handy and always on the go. So, who would say that gaming is for children only? Even adults get addicted to playing android games.

There is a long list of games that children and adults can play on their android phones. It can be role-playing games, racing games, first-person shooters, puzzles, platformers, strategy games, and games that require teamwork. Whatever it is, for sure, you would find something that meets your taste.

Google Play comes in very handy in giving us a long line of choices. In this article, we have come up with our own choices that you might find fun and entertaining. There are those that are for free while there are those wherein you need to pay a little money but nonetheless, all of them can be enjoyed wherever you may be.

Regardless if you’re a newbie to Android and need something new for a change or perhaps a pro who always seeks fun and excitement, these are the top Android games you can try right now.

(One of Our Favorite top game is Num 5)


Fortnite APK best game to play on android 2020
Fortnite APK

Fortnite is considered as the most popular android game in the world. However, it can only be downloaded through Fortnite APK. This is an exciting Battle Royale style game in a sense that you get to compete with 99 other players.

Yes, you got it right, 99 other players. It is loaded with explosives, shields, armors, health boosts, dance moves, and a lot more exciting features making you feel like you are really in the frontline.

The game is free but some parts of the game would require you to purchase some in-apps to discover some contents.

Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon android game
Game Dev Tycoon for android

Game Dev Tycoon started sometime around in the 1980s. In this game, you are challenged to come up with a game development platform that would attract a lot of people to put up a fan base and develop a team and offices. The key to survive is to make new game engines, look for the latest technologies, and bring out the best from your team.
Boris and the Dark Survival

If you were a fan of Bendy and the Ink Machine, you would love Boris the wolf. Boris is one of the cartoon friends of Bendy. In this horror themed game, you need to help Boris through the scary Joey Drew studio.

You have to look for useful items, food to make you strong, and secrets that would be a great help to unlock the mystery of the events. The eerie animator’s workshop has an interesting setting and is changed from time to time whenever you enter, so you need to replay every now and then. If you are in for thrills, this game is perfect for you.

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Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6
Bloons TD 6 android game to play 2020

This is an action-packed game designed with a cute and chaotic cartoon layout with tons of out of this world enemies. You need to defend your tower from villains by building towers surrounded with weapons.

To survive, you need to kill the bad guys before they wipe you out. With this type of game, you need to be a quick thinker because things can get extremely crazy. To make things more exciting, you can deploy other defensive tools, and you need to overcome so many obstacles but once you pass them, you can earn a sum of money. You can avail of Bloons TD 6 for only $5.

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Rest in Pieces

the best game in 2020 to play on android
R.I.P: One of the best android game for 2020

Such a catchy title but to rest is not the proper way to describe this game. This game is like Temple Run that requires you to turn left or right to overcome the obstacles. However, running is not the survival tactic because in this game, you are a porcelain figure hanging on a rope so you need to swing from side to side or else you would be smashed.

Like many other games, it would take a lot of practice before you get to master it. What makes this game different is its horror set up. You have a set of beautiful creatures, like the pretty little Georgina and the evil clown, to save from their bad dreams. To do so, you need to combat Medusa, Kraken, and the scary Count Dracula.

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Call of Duty: Mobile – One of the best android games for 2020

Call Of Duty Mobile (COD)
call of duty mobile

Call of Duty is the type of game that is purposely designed for touchscreen phones. This is a must on your smartphone due to its shooter action feature. You don’t need to spend a single penny on this game and offer a lot of multiplayer modes like Battle Royale.

In this game, you would encounter some characters from Call of Duty games plus some classic maps. You can win prizes, get ranked, do your own layout, and a lot more.
Exploding Kittens

For only $2, Exploding Kittens is good for those who enjoyed playing Russian Roulette with a mix of Uno combined. It has a quirky theme and contains a set of cute cat-themed cards.

It’s very easy to learn but it requires time to master. You can play it with other players but there is also a single-player option if you feel like practicing. In addition, they also offer expansion card packs.

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Tropico para android

Hurray! Tropico redesigned is something we should be happy about. This $12 ad-free game puts you in the role of the president wherein you must develop your Caribbean island on the account that you would not spend your pocket out of the line. It is for you to decide whether you would like to be a strict leader or a lenient one.

Whatever you choose, the goal is to arrive at an extravagant industrial revolution that makes every citizen raise their standards of living.

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Mini Metro

Mini Metro Android game
Mini Metro – One of the best android games to play in 2020

What else can you buy with only $1? The answer is entertainment! With Mini Metro, you can play the role of a developer to build a fantastic metro network, but don’t be fooled by how simple it may look at first. As the game progresses, you would be required to draw lines between stations so that everything would be connected.

As your city grows, you would discover new tunnels, tracks, trains and other developments that compose a great nation. You will be challenged with 20 various cities to play, each with unique characteristics based on their local river system. You can also compete with other players.

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The Room: Old Sins

The Room Old Sins
The Room Old Sins

Are you familiar with the scary puzzle series The Room? Here comes, Old Sins, the fourth entry in the said popular puzzle game. This is a nice catch for every puzzle game lover at only $5. In this game, a couple from Waldegrave Manor suddenly disappeared. In the attic of the house lies the challenges topped with an intriguing puzzle box.

There is no need to worry if you have not played any of the previous puzzles in this series because it’s easy to understand as you discover the hidden mechanism as you go on with the game. It’s even more exciting with its twists and turns that eventually fall into pieces as you pick up the pieces of the puzzle together.

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League of Legends Wild Rift

League of Legends Wild Rift
League of Legends Wild Rift

Brace yourselves League of Legend fans! LOL Mobile is set to launch any time this March 2020. It has been confirmed to be different from the game on PC and is set to be entitled as League of Legends Wild Rift. Based on some reports, Riot Games have not yet come up with the exact date of the launching but their reruns and testing have already started.

It is going to be available both on Android and IOS. A redesigned 5v5 MOBA format, LOL Mobile sees its game to be as short as 20 minutes. You can see for yourself through LoL Pro.

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So now we have completed the best android games for 2020. They are various and they serve the tastes of different game players. If you have tried any of them, perhaps you can tell us about how you enjoyed them. You can also add some more android games which you think would add more on the list that we have here.

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