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The Elder Scrolls Online is a fantastic MMORPG video game published by Bethesda Softworks. It is considering as one of the best MMORPGs and comes with lots of extensive features that you haven’t seen before. It takes place in the fictional continent of Tamriel and introduces a plot that is indirectly attached to other titles of the series.

After spending lots of hours, we’ve picked up some best The Elder Scroll Online Add-ons for you to make your gaming experience and the game amazing after several years. Everything in the game isn’t free, and you have to buy ESO Currency to unlock additional content and access to premium content.

You might know that the publisher made a slow entry to the massive world of MMO with its title “The Elder Scrolls Online” in the year 2014, but with the extensive support, it has released better than ever. Did you know about the best feature of ESO? It has dozens of add-ons which are built by the gaming community.

That’s the main reason we jump in to help you in looking for the best add-ons.

eso addons - Add-ons for The Elder Scrolls Online

Votan’s MiniMap – Add-ons for The Elder Scrolls Online

While playing the game, the first essential thing you need to acquire is a MiniMap to see where you have to go and where your opponents are standing to kill you. Surely, you would be happy that there’s a MiniMap that doesn’t interfere with your Head-up Display a lot, Votan’s MiniMap. The map makes your traveling and exploration across the world of TESO easier and more enjoyable.

Add-ons: Quest Map

This map is designed for those players who are true gamers, mean who want to complete every quest at any cost in The Elder Scrolls Online. Here’s an add-on such type of players that will make their life quite easy, QuestMap – It ensures that every quest is available on your map and offers a quite friendly-interface to manage them with no hassle.


Undoubtedly, you understand the add-on by its name. During the journey, Destinations will mark different points of interest on the map, including Solo Dungeons, Crafting Places, Group Delves, and more. These add-ons support multiple languages, including English, Russian, Japanese, German, and French.


SkyShards add-on is essential in The Elder Scrolls Online, offering you one Skill point for every three of them you locate. So, you need to find as many of them as possible to make your journey easier. This helpful add-on will be used to mark SkyShards on your map so you can remember them and back to hunt for lots of Skill Points.


During the gameplay, you can use LoreBooks to highlight all other books in the game, similar to other map add-ons. The exciting thing about this add-on is that it divides them into three tiers, such as Collected LoreBooks, Unknown LoreBooks, and Eidetic Memory. While playing the game, you can watch which one is there merely with their icons.

Dungeon Tracker

Because of having a vast game, The Elder Scrolls Online has a set of dungeons full of loot, experience, and fun. It means you should explore each dungeon to ensure that your inventory is complete and no space remained for further items. Therefore, the small add-on will help you in listing every single thing you leave in dungeon for you. During the game, you have to find them to see the tips.

Lost Treasure

It is marked as one of the best TESO add-ons that displays survey and treasure locations on your map. It introduces a built-in Mini-Map for those players who don’t have any map to use to locate the treasure and surveys with worries.


No doubt, Player versus Environment is fun to play, but playing against friends and family members in PvP event is more fun. The Elder Scrolls Online lacks the meter to save your stats, but you don’t need to worry, there’s an add-on that will let you play against buddies and make your PvP experience like your stats, including losses, wins, played matches, and a variety of modules for different PvP sections, including:

  • Duel
  • Battlegrounds

Foundry Tactical Combat

It is a user-interface add-on, including a type of required combat data for players to watch when need. The prominent features include Active Buff Tracking, Unit Frames, Scrolling Combat Text, Combat Log, Damage Statistics, and more. Each one is available to configure so you can select which one to use or which one isn’t.

Combat Metrics

If you’re searching for best combat Add-ons, then Combat Metric is for you. It helps the player in knowing everything in regards to fighting and other aspects. While playing, you can see your DPS and which kind of skills contribute to it, locate the sources of the damage you received, and more.

Advanced Filters

The Elder Scrolls Online is offering a painful way to filer the specific items, with which it is quite challenging to find the targeted element. However, Advanced Filters is a brilliant add-on offering a reliable way for filters and fixes the issues by featuring new and detailed sub-filters.

Item Preview

In the game, you’re not able to preview your favorite items, but the add-on “ItemPreview” solves the issue. It is beneficial The Elder Scrolls Online Add-ons and allowing you to preview furniture, armor, and recipes to make better decisions while going to market to purchase stuff.

Item Saver

While playing the game, you better know that you can deconstruct items. If you aren’t a collector, you can merely keep your set and deconstruct, but if you’re a collector or looking for something to keep specific items among dozens of stuff, then ItemSaver would be the best option for you to create a separate sets with pieces and mark them, so you don’t deconstruct them mistakenly.

Harven’s Improved Skills Window

Improved Skills Window is the best quality of life add-on, which helps you in making your life much better in The Elder Scrolls Online. It allows you to preview the next rank and also shows you the upgrade information of active abilities, as well as the morph information of purchased skills.

Lots of other Add-ons are also available and floating across the web. With their name, you can easily find and download them to fulfill your requirements while playing the game.

You can choose your favorite add-on to take your gaming experience to the next level and have fun.

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