29 Best Gamer Hacks from Expert Gamers

Gamers hacks

Gaming is the favorite hobby of millions of people. But there are many complex things which can disrupt your enjoyment of video games or make you perform at subpar levels.

Thankfully, the gaming community has come up with lots of cool game hacks to fix any issue.

Here’s a list of the 29 best video gamer hacks – and before you say to yourself “Well, I’m not someone who hacks video games” – relax, the word hacks in this context refers more generally to tips and nifty tricks.

1. Subscribe to Free Games on a Good Website

Online video game rental subscription services are a booming industry. Check out for cool limited-time offers on B4Gamez.

B4Store regularly updates their database and comes out with the latest offers.

GameFly is the most reputable and famous of these services. GameFly allows you to rent a game for a low price without ever worrying about a late fee. When you’re done with the game you rented, you can purchase it at a heavily discounted price.

But websites like GameFly also offer free trials – which effectively means that you can rent out a game for free for one month. If there’s a certain title you’re on the fence about or can’t afford, be sure to take advantage of this neat trick.


2. Remap PS4 and Xbox Controller Buttons

Remap PS4 and Xbox Controller Buttons

Remapping the buttons on your controller is possible both with a PS4 and an Xbox One. On the PS4, press up on the access bar and select settings. Then select accessibility, and find the option labeled button assignments.

Now you can remap your buttons. On the Xbox One, head to My Games and Apps, select apps and go to Xbox Accessories. Select your controller and choose the configure option. You can switch the inputs of all the buttons, as well as invert the y and x-axis on your left and right stick.

3. Design an Epic Custom Xbox One Controller

Design an Epic Custom Xbox One Controller

There are plenty of third-party solutions if you break your controller or simply want an upgrade. Many websites and manufacturers are offering a slew of options for customizing your Xbox One controller. From custom materials to color schemes, custom buttons and LED lights to triggers, bumpers, and grips, you have the option of designing the controller of your dreams.

A custom controller is bound to be more appealing and stylish – but high-end custom controllers can also help you perform better. An epic custom controller to suit your tastes will be an investment you will treasure for years.

4. Secret Sound Jack on the Bottom of the PS4 Controller

One of the most clever and well-hidden design solutions on the DualShock 4 controller was an audio jack. It’s located on the bottom of the controller, between the underside of the analog sticks. Simply plug the headphones it and hold down the PlayStation button.

When the quick menu appears, select Sound/Devices. Next, scroll down to Output to Headphones and select “All Audio.” This is one of the most useful and simple PS4 hacks – keep it in mind the next time you’re having audio issues.

5. PlayStation Android Connection

Mobile games often simulate gamepads in the UI, but the experience isn’t the same. It’s easier to just use a gamepad – and thankfully, most Android games have controller support built-in.

Turn Bluetooth on in your phone. On the controller, simultaneously hold down the PlayStation button and the Share button until the light bar begins to flash white. You should get a notification on your phone confirming the connection. In Bluetooth options, select the wireless connection.

6. Wear Computer Glasses

computre glasses

Looking at the screen for an entire day will put a strain on anyone’s eyes. This can both reduce your enjoyment and negatively impact your eyesight. But there is an easy fix – just get a good pair of blue-light-blocking glasses. Often called computer glasses, they block blue or high energy visible (HEV) light.

A lot of blue light is present on computer screens. Wearing these glasses will help protect your eyes, and can also help prevent sleep disruption. Your eyes will start feeling better in no time.

7. Store Games on USB Drive

usb drive

Storage space is always a problem for gamers. Storing some old games on a USB drive may be the solution for you. USB storage is typically cheap, allowing you to free up a lot of space on your device.

On the PC, just transfer the files as you would with any other – there are no extra steps, just make sure the drive is properly formatted. For the Xbox 360, you have to use a drive with a minimum of 1GB storage capacity.

Format it into FAT32 and navigate to Storage or Memory in system settings. The PS3, unfortunately, only lets you play media files from USB drives.

8. Flux (Free Download)

Flux is a great, free piece of software that adjusts the color and brightness of your computer screen. Flux matches the color of your display to the time of day. This means that your eyes will have an easier time staying focused, and you will experience less visual strain.

It’s easy to set up – just select what kind of lighting you have in your room and your location. Flux will take care of the rest. Flux can also help you fall asleep more easily by reducing blue or HEV light.

9. Use the Vita as a PS4 Controller

The PlayStation Vita is a great handheld console. But other than that, it can also serve another purpose. You can configure your Vita to be used as another PS4 controller. Maybe you simply prefer Vita’s ergonomics or don’t have a spare controller for a friend.

Simply set up the remote play on the Vita. Select the PS4 link option on your Vita. On your PS4’s add device screen, you will find a temporary code to input on the Vita. When you input that, it will memorize the device for good – there’s no need to do it again. If you have a Vita, don’t miss out on one of the best PS4 hacks.

10. Get a Headset Holder

Good gaming headphones are worth their weight in gold. Noise-canceling gaming headsets with decent microphones aren’t the cheapest thing in the world – you’ll want to protect your investment. Knocking a headset over or getting the cables tangled wears the headphones down – and these are all too common situations.

hooked banana stand

So get a headset holder – but before you turn to Google, you might want to first take a look in your kitchen. A hooked banana stand can easily double as a great headset holder. Just hang your headphones on the hook – the results are the same. This is one of those nifty lifehacks for gamers who want to protect their headset in an affordable, easy way.

11. Set Your TV to Gaming Mode

If you’ve ever messed around with the picture settings on your TV, you might have noticed an option called Game Mode. Most people can’t tell a huge difference between these settings – so, is Gaming Mode important? The answer is yes.

Gaming Mode can help the graphics on your TV look even better, and it even helps with managing lag and stutters. When you turn on Gaming Mode, the delay between something happening in the game and onscreen is reduced.

The experience will instantly feel more responsive, and that small change might make all the difference in a difficult boss fight or a tough online match.

12. Charge a Controller with a Phone Charger

USB Charger

This is a cool lifehack that seems pretty obvious in hindsight. Every PS4 owner knows that controllers are charged via USB cables. Well, you can use your phone charger to recharge your PS4 controllers. There are a couple of reasons why you’d want to do this.

Most phone chargers will recharge your controller quicker than what you’re used to. This way, you can also charge multiple controllers more easily – which is great for fun split-screen sessions or local multiplayer games.

If you have a lot of controllers, keeping them all topped up can be a headache. Of all the lifehacks on this list, this one is probably the easiest to do. Just keep one thing in mind – iPhone chargers won’t do the trick.

13. Using a PS4 Controller With Your Pc

Here’s another of cool game hacks to amaze you. You can use your PS4 controller with a PC. There’s no need to get a separate or special controller. Perhaps you enjoy playing certain genres a lot more with a controller. If you own multiple gaming systems and a PC, this is a great way to enjoy games on all platforms without having to readjust to a different set of controls.

Just hold down the PS and Share buttons simultaneously. Then open up Bluetooth settings on your PC and select Wireless Controller. This is one of the easier video game hacks to pull off.

14. Night Mode on Switch

Turning the brightness up isn’t always the best solution, as your battery life is going to get worse. A bright screen can make it more difficult to use a device during nighttime. To avoid these unpleasant bright flashes, turn on dark or night mode.

When it comes to the Switch, it’s easy to find the settings in question. Launch system settings on the home screen of your Nintendo Switch. Scroll down until you find the Themes option, and select basic black. The theme will then take effect throughout the interface, with the exception of the NES app and eShop.

15. GeForce Experience App


GeForce Experience is the companion app for GeForce GTX graphics cards. If you have such a graphics card, you should make use of this fantastic app. GeForce Experience will keep your drivers up to date, automatically optimize your game settings, and it has a fantastic screen-shot feature.

It’s a great way to tailor game settings to your system’s capabilities. The screen-overlay, screenshot and video capture features are great for sharing fun moments with your friends. GeForce Experience is a great piece of software that will make your gaming experience simpler and easier.

16. Tidy up Cords

Cord Wire Line Organizer

Cords and cables can quickly become a mess. Messy cords provide an ever-present danger of knocking something down unintentionally. Start with untangling your cables. Once you’ve laid them out in an optimal way, tie together cables that run parallel to each other.

You can use zip ties or Velcro wraps. If you have any pets around the house, you can use split loom tubing to protect cords from any unwanted chewing.

If you’ve got a lot of spare or replacement cables, they can be neatly stored away in toilet roll tubes. This way, they can be packed together uniformly without tangling. This method also makes it easier to store them away.

17. 4K Blu-Rays on Xbox

4K Blu-Rays on Xbox

The Xbox One is a fantastic gaming console. But this console can also double as a Blu-Ray player. Two versions of the Xbox One that have stronger hardware, the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, can also support 4K resolution Blu-rays. These two variants of the Xbox One also support HDR settings.

To make use of these features, you will have to download an App from the store. Just type Blu-ray in the search bar. These Xbox One models do a fantastic job as Blu-Ray players – if you own one, make sure to take advantage of this feature.

18. Get a Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair

Most of us spend hours sitting down while playing video games. Slouching for such a long period of time can get uncomfortable – it’s also not healthy for your spine. That’s where a gaming chair comes in. Getting a good gaming chair is a great way to take care of your health while also enjoying more luxury and comfort. It’s the best way to experience your favorite games.

Gaming chairs are high-end products, made with quality materials meant to last. A good amount of back support and adjustable height settings will allow you to keep a good posture while gaming.

19. Turn Your NES Into a PC

The NES is a beloved classic console. A couple of guides have appeared online explaining how to turn an NES into a PC. To be more accurate, the hybrid system uses PC components in an NES case and makes use of an emulator. The result is a true to form experience, gaming just like you remember it on an NES, except with more powerful hardware.

You can even use multiple emulators to have access to many different gaming systems from one console. You will need a NES case and components that can fit inside it – finding these may take some time.

Turning your NES into a PC is a unique and worthwhile project. The internet is full of fantastic guides on how to do this – study them carefully and follow them to the letter.

20. Build Your Own Arcade Cabinet

Building your own arcade cabinet is a fun project. It’s not an easy task, but in the end, you will have a unique personal gaming system. Building arcade cabinets has turned into a niche industry of its own – you can order pre-made parts and systems, or go with the harder route of doing it all by yourself.

When picking a cabinet, you can order one or build it to suit the specifications you want. The choice of a monitor and control deck is all yours. A project like this will also require wiring work and setting up a sound system.

You will also have to choose what type of PC or emulator to use. It’s a complex project – but the payoff is huge and unique. If having your own arcade cabinet interests you, the internet is full of great, detailed how-to guides.

21. Keep Track of Data Usage

If you don’t have an unlimited data plan, you should always be aware of how much data you’re using. Playing online games isn’t that data-intensive, but updates and patches can quickly put you over the limit.

Once you know how much data you are using, you can prioritize and ration so that you won’t surpass the limit. If you often play games on your phone, you should pay a lot of attention to data usage.

On PC, open the settings app, select network & internet and then select data usage. On the Xbox One, open settings and navigate to Network. Select Network settings and then click on bandwidth usage. Unfortunately, there is no built-in way to check your data usage on a PS4.

22. Try the Dolphin Emulator

Wondering that is the Dolphin emulator safe? Dolphin is a console emulator that allows you to play GameCube and Wii games on Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android.

Dolphin is an open source project built on completely original code – this is why Nintendo hasn’t shut it down. Installing Dolphin is easy – just head to the website and download the installer.

You can choose between a stable version and a developmental version. Developmental versions have new, interesting, but untested features. Dolphin is completely legal and safe – using it won’t make you someone who hacks video games.

Dolphin has been available since 2003 and features no malware. This is a great way to revisit old classics on a new, more powerful machine. Dolphin is an interesting project – and one of the more interesting computer game hacks available.

23. Use KontrolFreaks Thumbstick Extensions


Thumbstick extensions are a great investment for console players that enjoy first-person shooter games. High-end thumbsticks like the ones offered by KontrolFreaks allow you to have better control of your aim. Using these thumbsticks is more comfortable, and they will help you achieve improved accuracy.

KontrolFreaks specifically designs thumbsticks to meet the challenges that different games offer. If you spend a lot of time playing one first-person shooter game, this is a great way to improve your performance. Getting a good pair of thumbstick extensions is one of the easiest and most rewarding video game hacks.

24. Use a High-End Xbox Controller

A high-end Xbox controller will allow you to enjoy your favorite games in luxury. High-end controllers come with a variety of features such as sensitivity and vibration adjustment, lighting effects and additional remappable buttons, bumpers, and triggers. The improved ergonomics make a huge and instantly recognizable difference.

There are many high-end controllers available – we recommend checking out the Razer Wolverine Ultimate. It has a fantastic build quality, it’s super responsive and has plenty of re-mappable bumpers and paddles.

If you’re looking for a controller with paddles, the Wolverine Ultimate stands tall above the competitors, such as Scuf. It’s such a high-quality product that we’d recommend it even if you don’t prefer wired controllers. It’s just that good – and it deserves its place in the list of 29 best video gamer hacks.

25. Get High Bandwidth

Get High Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be moved during a certain interval of time. The higher your bandwidth, the higher the speed of your internet connection. Having a good and stable internet connection is invaluable for gamers. Issues with ping, lagging, and disconnecting can ruin your fun.

With a high bandwidth connection, you won’t have to deal with these issues. Your download and upload speeds will be much faster too – allowing you to download games more quickly. High bandwidth is also very important for streaming.

26. Use a Cardboard Racing Wheel For Your Phone

Mobile games are lots of fun and they are easily accessible. They offer us a great way to entertain ourselves on the go. But gaming on a mobile phone can be difficult. Phones often fit awkwardly into your hand, the size of modern phones makes them unwieldy, and there’s the constant fear of dropping your phone.

If you enjoy mobile racing games, a cardboard racing wheel is just the thing for you. This simple DIY lifehack will allow you to get a safer, more precise and immersive experience.

The DIY tutorials are easy to find online – all you’ll need is some cardboard, two-sided tape, and paint.

27. Use a Wired Internet Connection for Maximum Speed

Wired internet connections are faster than wireless connections. Ensure maximum speed by switching to a wired connection. Connect your device directly to your internet modem. Being connected through a router or hub will always decrease your speeds. If you have an old Ethernet cable, replace with a short CAT6 cable.

This can also help you achieve higher speeds. Make sure that the cables are plugged in properly at both ends. Using a wired connection is one of the simplest computer game hacks – but the payoff is huge.

28. Exchanging or Selling Your Games to Save Money

It’s common knowledge that you can sell or exchange games online. Your first instinct might be to head straight to Amazon – but there are plenty of sites that specialize in exchanging and selling video games.

Websites like Gameflip offer you a chance to sell and exchange games, in-game items, gift cards, and gaming related services like coaching, boosting, and carrying. Every dedicated gamer can find their niche on a website like this.

29. Use a Wiimote as Your Computer’s Mouse

One of the cool game hacks you can do with a Wiimote is to use it as a computer mouse. This requires third-party software – but don’t worry, you can find it, along with detailed instructions by Googling this hack.

You’ll need a Wiimote, a Wii MotionPlus and a Wii Nunchuk controller. Once you’ve downloaded the program, connect the MotionPlus and Nunchuk to the Wiimote.

From there, it’s a simple operation of discovering the Wiimote via Bluetooth and adding it as a device. The detailed guide is easy to find online – make sure to follow it to the letter.

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