eSports For Beginner – How to Start?

eSports For Beginner

Online games are the new ultimate equalizer. You don’t have to be the biggest, the strongest, the smartest, the fastest, or the best with any type of athletic equipment, to be a star. All you need is ambition, a working computer or gaming device, and lots of time to perfect your skills. Online gamers strive to be masters of their craft.

And it goes well beyond just playing a simple video game with your buddies. Professional gamers play with people from all demographics, all walks of life, from all over the world. There are eSports management careers that are very lucrative, and other eSports career opportunities that didn’t exist as recently as 5 years ago.

Humble beginnings

There has never been controversy over what was the first eSports game. It was called Spacewar, and it appeared all the way back in 1972. Back then, the grand prize was a year subscription to Rolling Stones magazine, which was a significant trophy for the time, especially considering it was a video game competition.

The game was Space Invaders, and it drew a crowd of 10000 participants. At the time, Space Invaders was a household name in arcade gaming. It can be said that this championship was the springboard for all modern global eSports gameplay. And it’s evolution only continues to grow with the improvements in technology.

Getting into online games as a newbie

For beginners,  sitting on the couch, getting paid to play video games might sound like an easy way to get rich. But there are plenty of questions you must ask yourself first.

  • What eSports game should I play?
  • Do I have time to play enough to be epic?
  • Can I still keep the job that pays the bills until my eSports professional career takes off?

Figuring out what game to play might be the hardest of the three important inquiries. Will you go with sports, or a shooter? Will it be an MMO game like Fortnite or League of Legends, or will you do something more visceral like Call of Duty where your gaming experience can be team-based? Or will you go completely off the rails and become a professional gambler. There are plenty of pay by mobile slots companies.

Picking the right eSports game for beginners is critical. Dabble with a few first, then pick one, and own it. And that can be tricky. People have lost their jobs, families, and even lost touch with reality because of the pursuit of eSports royalty status.

One of the eSports game benefits is that it can be done from home. For people with societal phobias, or with a loving and supportive family, having you around all the time might be a blessing. However, be pragmatic with your time. While your intentions might be worthy, you cannot get back the time you spend. Know your priorities.

Not just a hobby

Playing the eSports biggest game in hopes of landing an eSports game career is one of the few win-win scenarios in life. On the one hand, you have this game that you love and can play endlessly with countless folk from all over the place. And even if you don’t go pro, you still get to do what you love. So, even if you lose at going pro, you still win.

And even if you want to be in that world but don’t have the chops for playing, then the eSports manager game is still on the table. But before you get too excited, it can be rough. Being an eSports manager is a lot like being a sports agent.

 The best eSports game for start from scratch gamers

  1. Super Smash Bros.
  2. Hearthstone
  3. FIFA.
  4. Fortnite
  5. Call of Duty
  6. Dota 2
  7. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)
  8. League of Legends (LoL)

Diving right in

So, you have the time, you have the drive, the motivation, and the stamina, and you are either living at home or are independently wealthy but really bored. Nothing thrills you like life and death, royal battle competition with strangers online. Then, this is what you have to do, and you must follow these steps in order, or thereabout:

  1. Pick one game to focus on. If you are a younger player, you have time to check out a couple of games before choosing to pour all your energy and attention into just one, but for those of us in our 30s and 40s, and up, pick on only one. The investment of time is not on your side.
  2. Pick your platform. Computers are still huge, and PlayStation and Xbox are not going away. Those are your three best options. There are options in Nintendo, but not as many. Super Smash Brothers reboot is going to shine a light on Nintendo, but unless they buy the rights to Call of Duty, they aren’t going to make the big three.
  3. Study tactics and training ideas. YouTube is lousy with gamers that will walk you through the tutorials and routines that they used to become champions. As in all sports, emulate the greats until you can join their ranks.
  4. Talk to other gamers. While the competition is fierce, eventually kicking the tar out of people gets dull, so gamers are eager for a new crop of future victims, and they want you to be worth the time and effort. Chat up people, get involved in groups, and find an IRC (In Room Chat) for people who play your game.
  5. This is how you get to Carnegie hall, so to speak. Practice, practice, practice. It doesn’t matter if you are playing paintball in a field, or paintball online, without practice you can never sharpen your skills, and that spells doom.
  6. This one is optional and only matters if you like this style of play. While gamers are largely not super social, online, they form bonds that are akin to a brotherhood. If you want to play a team-style game, then find a team to join and sign up. Who knows? They might make you amazing.
  7. Leagues for gamers also exist. Just like teams, leagues are all about the group, but much bigger.

Conclusion: It’s good to have a passion, and if that passion pays real money, it’s even better. If you want to get into eSports, the only hard and fast rule is don’t give up the things that are real for that which is digital. If you have a family, make sure you have time for them. If you have a job, set the alarm when you have to stop practicing so you

can get enough sleep. And always keep one foot in the real world. Are you considering getting into online play for money and prestige?

Author Bio

Ellen Royce is a video game blogger. She loves helping beginner gamers develop their skills and build a career in professional gaming. Ellen started participating in tournaments four years ago and now runs a small eSports team of her own. However, during these tough times due to Coronavirus, she decided to share ways her readers could have fun through online games.

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