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Final Fantasy XI In 2022: A New Player’s Perspective


Final Fantasy XI’s 20th anniversary will be celebrated this year, and Square Enix has unveiled a new website to celebrate. A countdown of sorts will be available on the new website, We Are Vana’Diel, which will reveal important details about the anniversary celebration. The anniversary celebration will take place on May 16, 2022.

“The goal of this website is to create an engaging platform that allows adventurers to participate in an enjoyable environment,” Final Fantasy XI producer Akihiko Matsui said in a post presenting the website.

Our mission is to retell the stories of those who have been on our journeys over the past twenty years so that they will inspire others to begin their journeys. Matsui continues by explaining that “We Are Vana’Diel” represents everyone associated with Final Fantasy XI. We will celebrate everyone involved in developing and operating the game, as well as the adventurers who spend hours playing it.

Vana’Diel consists of various parts such as “We Remember Vana’Diel,” “We Discuss Vana’Diel,” and “We Illustrate Vana’Diel .”Throughout “We Remember Vana’Diel,” a chronological timeline of events is presented, beginning with the beta test era and ending with the present day.

In addition to the timeline, the commentary offers some insight into the behind-the-scenes experience throughout the game. Matsui hopes that the timeline will eventually include events as seen from the player’s perspective. Further, you will know more about Final Fantasy XI from a new player’s perspective.

Story Missions

Upon completing the main story, the player gains access to new areas, items, and equipment. The story of Final Fantasy XI consists of missions handed out by three main gate guards. As a player progresses through these missions, their nation rank rises.

Despite having distinctly different stories, they eventually fuse in Final Fantasy XI’s final battle against the Final Boss when the player achieves Rank 6. In the expansion Rise of the Zilart, the stories of each nation are further developed in separate directions.

A customizable character is created at the beginning of the expansion. You can choose a race, gender, and many other things. You can begin your journey by choosing one of three starter cities.

City-states and several NPCs offer Missions that advance the main plotline. New plotlines also appear with each expansion. The Mission system provides a variety of rewards, including items, ranks, and access to new areas, in addition to advancing the story.

Quests are also available to players, and they flesh out the world of the game that is separate from the plotline. In addition to rewards, quests also increase the player’s Fame, which impacts how NPCs react to the player’s characteristics, and quests are optional and may be completed at the player’s own pace.

Job System

There are currently 22 open positions in Final Fantasy XI that you can do. There is no restriction on the type of character a player can have, and they can change their jobs at designated places, such as the Mog House.

The game starts with six basic jobs, but once the standard jobs reach level thirty, you can unlock the advanced jobs. Each job has its own set of abilities and traits that players can acquire as they level up. Unlike other systems, you can use the magic scrolls once players reach the appropriate level.

To activate a job ability, the player must first activate it. Each of the tools lasts a limited period and must cool down before being used again. Each job also comes with a unique ability to assist in a desperate situation.

Under normal conditions, players can only use the powers once an hour, so players must wisely use them. Other than this, FFXI also offers an in-game currency called GIL. The actions you need to take to gain more FFXI Gil will vary.

However, there is one relatively easy way to buy FFXI Gil. It is possible to acquire GIL from several sources. When purchasing in-game currency, many people trust MMOPIXEL.COM as one of few trustworthy sources. MMOPIXEL offers an affordable FFXI GIL.

Playable Races

There are almost five playable races in the game. The first famous race is the Humes. Located in the wastes of Gustaberg, the Humes established their city, the Republic of Bastok.

Compared to other races, they are physically basic and possess near-equal abilities in all fields. Due to their adaptability, they have spread throughout the lands, resulting in the most significant population.

The second famous race is Galka. The Galka possess towering, bulky physiques and are the most imposing race. Galka was forced to flee their home cities hundreds of years ago when the Anticans destroyed them.

Since then, they have migrated to Bastok, considered second-class citizens. Galka is unique among races in that they reproduce through reincarnation and are all male. Compared to the other races, their Vitality and HP are higher, but their MP is lower. Some believe that they are cursed with the sin of rage.

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