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Learn English By Playing Video Games

learn english by playing video games

Foster Your English Communication Skills By Playing Video Games

It is rightly said, “Video games stimulate the mindset that allows creativity to grow.” The beauty of the English language lies in its universality and ability to communicate, keeping beside the geographical limitations. Where boring and stagnant English learning courses can take time, there is a dire need to get in touch with something more exciting and ear-catching.

Gladly, the technology has come to a point where entertainment takes the leap by offering the much-needed grasp of the widely accepted English language. All you need is a headset and a walkthrough of your favorite virtual reality game. Surprised, aren’t you?

You could now Learn English from Call of Duty, War Thunder, Minecraft, or any game that hits your favorite list. How is that for you might ask? Let’s have a look.

1. A Step Into The Real-World English

Imagine spending hours in a classroom where a teacher is constantly imparting the English basics to you. Would you able to keep up your spirits? No, isn’t it?

It would be boredom in the realm! Now, imagine a room where there are native English speakers from all walks of the society talking to each other, expressing thoughts and emotions. Don’t you think it would be a better learning experience altogether? This is what a video game English learning is all about.

You get to listen to several players, their conversations so that you can observe and learn English through Fortnite and other games. All you got to do is subscribe in the YouTube channel of English learning platforms that offer you conversational footages of the renowned gamers around the world. Yes, it is that simple!

2. Where Accents & Styles Rule

In a traditional English speaking class, you would be only learning the basic rules of English. But, what a delight it would be to get an idea about the different accents & styles of English.

The good part is that gamers post hundreds of game play videos on YouTube, making it accessible to people keen on learning English. In simple words, you would be driving on the opportunity to improve your English by excelling in the art of listening.

Whether it is the new words, the talking style, or getting to know the diversity of the English speaking class; you would be that infinite powerhouse of knowledge.

As far as picking the best games for your play is concerned, dedicated YouTube channels have some great recommendations for their loyal subscribers.

learn english by playing online video games

3. The Subtitles Make It A Cakewalk

The thing with the YouTubers who go the innovative way to teach you English is that they leave no stone unturned to make the learning journey smooth like butter.

First of all, only the gamers who are quite popular and speak and converse at a sweet pace make it to featured videos list.

The brief explanation about the video is the icing on the cake. When the real game starts, it might not be that easy for you to understand the accent. And, there come the subtitles!

For PUBG is taking the world by storm right now, you can choose to learn English through PUBG while brushing the gaming skills too. You would simply love it when you would be able to ask and answer questions and share information while maneuvering through your favorite games in no time.

It is the new world, where one takes full advantage of the technology to fight one’s hesitations and fear.

4. Getting To Know The Slang Language

For any new buddy in the gaming arena, catching the commonly used abbreviations and slangs becomes tricky. This is where English learning through video games platforms’ come to the rescue.

These interactive courses give a player an idea about the vocabulary that the popular gamers use along with the unfamiliar slangs. From “AFK,” to “scrub,” you would know what they mean without browsing around Google for answers. It is the most exciting way to learn and grow.

Here’s a tip for all those who hesitate to join the multiplayer games for their poor communication skills. Don’t feel embarrassed! It is ok not to know and understand, but it is not ok if you do nothing about it. Embracing the truth, and talk it out with your teammates.

Tell them that you are new to this and going slowly about it would be a kind gesture.

Wrapping Up

Sometimes one has no choice, but here you have one by embracing the technology advancement to turn the tides in your favor. Learn English with Apex Legends or whichever game you connect a chord with and fight the enemy not only in the game but the one inside you too. Become a warrior you always imagined you to be and emerge as a winner.

Good luck!

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