PS Plus Tricks & Hacks

PS Plus Tricks & Hacks

PlayStation is a video game brand owned by Sony. PlayStation’s portfolio of products and services includes five home video game consoles, linear consoles, a media center and a few gaming magazines.

PlayStation Plus is a subscription model on the PlayStation Network that gives its subscribers the ability to play multiplayer games online, as well as access to exclusive discounts, game deals, game trials, and premium downloadable content.

PlayStation Plus users receive some free games monthly. Due to a bug, subscribers can now get monthly free games that can be used by taking advantage of the PlayStation Plus membership.

In terms of online gaming services, PS Plus is packed with a ton of different users from all over the world. Given how extensive PS Plus is and the number of people using the service, Sony could be a burden to maintain quality and consistency around the world. Therefore, some technical vulnerabilities can escape through the loopholes, allowing players to access free content.

While PlayStation included free games for PS Plus users to download every month, there were cases where some users were able to download an additional game at no additional charge. For example, last year, PS Plus users were able to download Bloodborne for free, even though it was not included in the monthly free PS Plus games. Now, it seems that a similar event is happening this month, but it requires some additional steps.

PS Plus Tricks

How to Get a PlayStation Plus Free Trial?

If you are from an eligible country, do the following to activate your PlayStation Plus free trial:

● Sign in to the PlayStation Plus website
● In the top left corner, click Join or renew PS Plus if you don’t have an account
● Select a plan that suits you
● On the next page, click Add to Cart
● Log in with your account or create new account
● If prompted, perform security checks that you are not a robot
● Provide your credit card details or pay PayPal

PS Plus free game: “Resident Evil 7” against tricks that are available for free. The PS-Plus user discovered that the game “Resident Evil 7” through a hack at the moment, is also free.

● Players must first play the game demo titled “Resident Evil 7 Teaser Demo: Beginning Hour”. You have downloaded the PlayStation Store.
● Open the demo from the main menu and select “Buy Resident Evil 7 Biohazard”.
● Then the PS Store opens. Here you choose the third image on the right-hand side titled “Game Page”.
● Click on “Auswählen Edition”.
● Two versions of the game should now be displayed. Now select the second option and click the “Buy” button. The store recognizes you as a PS-Plus subscriber and should now offer you a 100% discount.

PS Plus subscribers can download games like Hunter’s Arena: Legends and Plants Vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville at the end of August. However, many are likely to take advantage of the Resident Evil 7 bug until it is fixed.

What are some of the other PlayStation Plus member benefits?

In addition to special discounts, free games every month, and online game availability, you’ll also get other benefits with PlayStation Plus.

One of the most useful benefits is the increased cloud storage of game save data. If you subscribe to the service, you will have 100 GB of cloud storage at your disposal to save games and data. That’s a lot just for a file-keeping game.

As the name suggests, Share Play allows you to share your gaming experience with a friend. A good example of how this works is inviting your friend to play the game you play using Share Play. Then you can let them control the game. This can be useful if you are stuck on a particularly difficult task.

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