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What are the latest updates for the PUBG Mobile


Let’s start talking by the newest update of 0.15.

Well! It’s fantastic news for all the PUBG players as the latest update of 0.15 released on October 16, 2019. With the announcement of this newest update of Halloweeks, all the PUBG lovers are super excited.

The new Payload mode with new features going to bring new weapons, helicopters, and airstrikes.

So, be ready! This new update is going to be available soon on the App Store or Google Play Store for iOS and Android.

Now, let’s discuss the new game mode of Survive Till Dawn– Very clearly you need to fight with the zombies and have to survive till morning.

PUBG Mobile

Another exciting part of this Payload Mode is its weapons- RPG-7, M3E1-A, and Grenade Launcher, etc. With more optimization, this payload mode has a teammate recalling features along with airstrike beacons and repairing pack features for vehicles.

  • The new movements for the players added in this latest update discussed below:
  • Ledge Grab because of which players can jump and hang on the wall.
  • With the eye-popping addition of the new BRDM-2, players can run their vehicles on water and land.
  • It’s bulletproof tires as well successfully replaced the Armoured UAZ vehicle.
  • With four types of Graffiti, players can drop them on any objects on the battlefield.
  • The addition of the new weapon of Desert Eagle for the most enormous damage makes it more attractive.

To damage the nearby players, you can drop bullets on the Fuel Drums.

Besides all these, the other attractive points of this update:

  • Players get rewarded with the new biowarfare equipment for killing zombies.
  • Improved graphics make it more smooth for lower-end devices.
  • Face masks and eye gears will not be placed together in the same slot.
  • Super Weapon Crates makes it whole fun, although it takes up to 2 to 3 minutes to activate it for getting payload weapons, airdrop weapons, and level 3 armor.
  • It helps your device from getting heated up as it consumes less power.
  • In short, you can portray that this new update of 0.15 actively offers gameplay changes in the PUBG. Its significant changes are making the players more eager.

List of some of the weapons for defense against helicopters:

  • RPG-7 rocket launcher: standard rocket launcher, using rockets.
  • M3E1-A missile: a missile for launching a tracking vehicle.
  • M79 grenade launcher: It uses a single 40mm grenade.
  • M134 profound machine gun with 7.62mm bullets.
  • MGL Grenade Launcher

Now, the 0.14.5 update for season 9 with the theme of Warrior has a download size of approximately 223MB only. With the armored wardrobe, skin, and other exciting items you can enjoy it in two versions:

  • Elite Upgrade
  • Elite Upgrade Plus

pung mobile video game

This update doesn’t have any new game modes, weapons, and vehicles, but the addition of a countdown timer in this update is impressive. In this update, you can add a new warrior with themed wardrobe, gear and events, and rewards also. The other Additional features in this new update of 0.14.5 include:

  • The redesigned missions and ranking pages.
  • Addition of countdown timer for a new level.
  • An upgraded Royale Pass customized sharing page.
  • The new weekly mission crate reminders.
  • An achievement chain progress system.

Let’s read about the update of 0.14.0 with an exciting zombie infection theme. Having a team of two- Zombies and defenders makes it more appealing.


  • Defenders have guns while zombies only use melee attacks.
  • Zombies have the power to get revived.
  • If all defenders get infected, then zombies win.
  • The addition of a brand new map in this update is another interesting point.
  • Many bugs removed with more improvements.

The other interesting point of this update is its first free new character of ‘Victor’. You can collect him from the character under the workshop. You can enjoy its unique outfits with his work skills in the EvoGround. Based on its theme, you need to collect gold, silver, and bronze as well as have to find the hidden treasures.

Let’s discuss its all over performance and compatibility, then it’s smooth and quite improved as compared to the previous update. On the other hand, its user-friendly UI and improved airstrike effects are the key points.

Here is the Season 8 or PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 version with its new features, weapons skins, outfits, rewards, original theme and more this season 8 of PUBG Mobile released on July 18. PUBG 0.13.5 update has size 181MB for Android users and 158MB for the iOS users. For iOS users, it is possible now to download and update the features in the background easily.

PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 version

The theme of 0.13.5 is ‘Power of the Ocean’ and also has the addition of the following:

  • Bizon gun with 9mm bullets with limited muzzle velocity and places.
  • ‘New Water Blaster’ skin for the Scar-L gun in the gun lab.
  • Its improved color quality with the new HDR option. You can quickly turn this mode by going in the settings and then in graphics; you can select the HDR option.
  • The team deathmatch mode expands to the TTP(Third Person Perspective) mode.

Finally, It’s the 0.13.0 update

0.13.0 update

Well, this 0.13.0 PUBG update is available in size of 1.98GB for Android and 2.45GB for iOS with several changelogs in it.

  • New Deathmatch mode to the game.

In this Deathmatch mode, players have teams and need to fight to get 40 points. The first team to get to the right spots will win the match. Players also have to create their rooms with room cards.

  • Upgraded third-party app

It helps in the prevention system and superior detection of cheating behavior by using the Virtual app, emulators, and modifiers.
Besides all this, the Godzilla theme, new Bizon gun, Kar98k skin in the gun lab, new coats and clothing are other vital points of the 0.13.0 update.


From the above information, the outcome is that this platform is heading towards a positive direction as it brings the appreciable improvements with every new update. With this excellent progress bar, surely it gains more appreciation from its users or players.

There is a massive growth in pc users of PUBG players after they launch PUBG 5 PUBG Season 5 Datamined.

As you see, if starting from the 0.13.0 update then it’s upgraded third party app, and the deathmatch mode brings excitement in the game. After this update, let’s move towards the 0.13.5 update, which added the new features, weapons, outfits, etc. to engage more players in this platform.

Now, heading towards the 0.14.0 update, it brings more excitement by adding two teams- Zombies and Defenders. In this update of the Infection theme, the interesting key point is the addition of the new map along with the bug improvements. After this update, here comes the 0.14.5 update for this game which you can enjoy in two versions: Elite Upgrade and Elite Upgrade Plus. The other additional feature of this update is an achievement chain progress system for the players.

Finally, the latest one 0.15 update brings more optimization in this game with its eye-popping features for the players. One of the exciting features of this is airstrike beacons and repairing pack features for vehicles. For the player’s reward, the new biowarfare equipment for killing zombies is unbeatable. And no doubt that its improved graphics make it more smooth for lower-end devices.

Besides all these, the face masks and eye gears will not be placed together in the same slot adding more significance to this game. And definitely, the Ledge grab, BRDM-2, Graffiti, Desert Eagle and Fuel Drums add more uniqueness to attract the players. Last but not least, your device is not heated up as it consumes less power.

Hope, you appreciate these improvements with the introduction of every new update.

So, keep enjoying and playing.

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