5 Retro Arcade Games You Can Play on Your Computer


Do you ever get the itch to be nostalgic and break out the old Super Nintendo to play some classic 8-bit games that kept you busy for hours on end as a kid?

Not many of us still have our old consoles anymore, and if you’ve ever tried to connect an antique system meant for a square 20” TV to a modern 70” TV, you’ve seen how stretched, blown-up, and weird it looks.

No worries though! Today, you don’t need an old console gaming system to play cool retro arcade-style games that make us feel like a kid again.

All you need is a computer or mobile phone and the internet. The games are formatted for your screen and are made with some of the elements that are so loved in classic gaming systems.

Unlike games of the past, these are hi-def and easy to see while you’re playing!

Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter game online

Bubble Shooter is a blast from the past that is super easy to learn and play. It’s a matching game in which you shoot a colored bubble into two or more bubbles like it to pop them off the game board. The fewer moves you use, the higher your score will be. You can even do bounce shots off the sides of the game board.

The game gives you a heads up on what your next color bubble will be so you can strategize and plan ahead as a chess player would.

Vivid colors and neat popping sounds make this game addictive and fun. As you play, more rows of bubbles are added and it’s your job to smash them all until there are none left. If the bubbles hit the bottom, the game is over and your final score is tallied.

Bubble Shooter is so easy to play, it’s a perfect game for friends, co-workers, and more. You can share a little bit of retro gaming with your younger friends and teach them about gaming before PS4, Nintendo Switch, and other modern video game systems were invented.

The best part is that Bubble Shooter is completely free to play in both the browser-based online and mobile versions of the game. There are no downloads required, so you can play on any computer without causing unwanted changes.

Friends, family, and libraries don’t appreciate extra software being downloaded on their equipment. All you need to do is visit the gaming web page on Ilyon’s website and you can immediately start playing.

The game is simple to restart and will keep you blasting away bubbles for hours. With no end to the game, you never have to worry about getting to the last level. You’ll always have more games to play.

Bubble Shooter Arcade


Oregon Trail

Perhaps one of the most iconic games of the 90s, Oregon Trail is an adventure you can take again. Whether you’re in it for the nostalgia factor or you just want to try one more time to see if you’ll avoid dying of dysentery, you can try your hand at this game again.

The archived version of this game is just like you remember it in your sixth-grade computer lab and you’ll quickly remember why you had such a love/hate relationship with it back then! Ford rivers, check your rations, and trade your way to the Great Northwest all right there on your computer screen.

You’ll also get the chance to see what the map was like to get to Oregon and even use some reasoning skills along the way.

While this nostalgic game isn’t necessarily realistic when it comes to graphics, the scenarios you face playing it are historically accurate.

This retro game is especially fun if you want to learn something or you want to give your kids an educational game to play! And remember, even though you seem like you’re getting very close to your next landmark, a thunderstorm or debilitating illness could pop up at any time!

Power Pop Bubbles

Power Pop Bubbles

Power Pop Bubbles is another retro arcade-style game that lets you blast away bubbles as you match up three or more of the same color. You can pop until you drop with trick shots and awesome bonus items and boosters, like fireballs and bombs, that blow away chunks of bubbles.

Power Pop Bubbles has thousands of incredible levels that will keep you busy with new challenges and puzzles. You can also swap out the color of your bubble to give yourself an advantage.

Like Bubble Shooter, Power Pop Bubbles is easy to learn and play. You simply tap on the screen where you want the bubble to go. Cool graphics make this retro game even better than the original version. It’s fun to share with everyone you know and you can challenge each other to see who can claim the highest score!

Brick Breaker Unicorn

Brick Breaker Unicorn

Brick Breaker Unicorn is a fun game with cute graphics and a rainbow of colors to visually dazzle your eyes. It’s a simple game that is easy to play, and you don’t need to read any instructions. It is straightforward enough that you can get started playing right away and get the hang of it.

With no downloads, this is a game you can play in your browser. This unique game is similar to the brick breaker games from years’ past, but with a twist. The exciting graphics keep this game engaging no matter how good you are.

When the game starts, you will see a big block of different colored bricks in the middle of the screen. At the bottom, are two unicorn heads with a small carpet or blanket stretched between them. Click the screen once to get the bouncy ball moving. Then, you just move your mouse from side to side to shuffle the unicorns across the screen.

The goal is to bounce the ball off the bricks, weakening them and eventually breaking all of them.

As the ball bounces all over the screen cracking the bricks, cool bonus items are released. Some items make your unicorn carpet longer or shorter, other items give your unicorns blast guns, added time, bonus hearts, higher scores, and more.

Don’t let your bouncy ball fall off the bottom of the screen because you won’t get it back again. As the levels progress, the bricks are laid out in different patterns and non-breakable bricks are added in to make the levels more challenging.

Stupid Zombies

Stupid Zombies

If you like zombie movies, but zombie video games scare the living stars out of you, then Stupid Zombies is a perfect, lighthearted game for. It’s not terribly graphic and the zombies don’t attack you. It’s a puzzle game that’s similar to Angry Birds. It’s free with ads, but you can easily get started playing it right away in your browser with no downloads.

You start each level as a man with a gun and between 3-5 bullets. You can’t move around, like the stationary zombies, but you can aim and shoot to take the zombies out. The bullets will also bounce around, giving you more chances to hit the zombies.

As the levels progress, you are given different challenges and puzzles to solve in order to take out all of the zombies. Wooden crates and exploding barrels make gameplay more interesting. People of all ages can enjoy this game, unless they are scaredy cats!

So, next time you get jealous of your friends with their fancy, modern video game systems, chill out and get your gaming fix fulfilled with fun, easy, online browser games like Ilyon’s Bubble Shooter.

There’s no need to spend a ton of money when you can play really good games on the equipment you already have – your computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. They are perfect for when you need a little ‘me time’ to take your mind off the stress of everyday life. Puzzle games are excellent for exercising your brain and improving your cognitive function


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