Gaming – A Career Option That Can Help You Earn Loads of Money

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With the advent of technology over the years, the gaming industry is growing at a rapid rate. Earlier gamers just used to play games for fun, but this is getting converted into a great career option with time. Families these days are encouraging their children towards this career path if their children are into the games. Gamers are transitioning in the form of professional esports players and game streamers.

What is Gaming?

Gaming consists of mobile gaming, PC gaming, and console gaming. It is a type of entertainment that can be consumed via participation, interaction, and viewership. This multi-billion-dollar industry includes gamers who are an enthusiast or a casual, professional, amateur, a viewer, or a player. There are several games that gamers play, ranging from super easy to extremely difficult, where millions of dollars can be at stake.

What do you mean by Esports?

You must have heard about the term “esports.” Esports is the competitive part of gaming where multiple genres of games can be played competitively with other players on numerous platforms. Let’s take an example- You may be the last person alive in a game that is set on a perilous deserted island and connected to 100s of other players, or you may be fighting with your best friend at a local arcade game. Gamers nowadays are putting in so much effort to be successful in this field of gaming because stakes can be very high. There is a loyal audience all over the world who just travel to see how their team is playing, which shows esports has become a worldwide phenomenon that comprises of major investing in huge amounts in the industry, and the stadiums are built larger than usual sports stadiums. Professional players continuously maintain their minds and body so that they are in their best form while playing the game.

What is Live Streaming?

You also might have heard of the term – video game live streaming. Streaming can be termed as a type of online video broadcast on certain specific platforms where gamers play their favorite games and entertain their viewers. Hundreds and thousands of players might be engrossed in the way a gamer plays or because of his witty humour. You may be watched by several players across the globe who may be cheering or mocking you. But you need to remain confident in what you are doing, and this will turn best for you. You can easily earn a six-figure sum from streaming only and can opt for it as a full-time job. But the only need for it is that you must regularly entertain your viewers, which will grow your audience. Various companies sponsor the streamers for advertising and endorsing their products on their streaming platforms.

Gaming Industry’s Global Valuation

This industry has a global valuation of $108.9 billion with a YoY growth rate of 7.8% in 2017. With a rapid increase in growth rate in the past few years, the Asia Pacific region comprises 47% of this valuation. India’s ranking in this region is 17th, with an $818 million valuation and an 11.14% CAGR. There is a huge amount of scope in India for this field as for some people; this statement is yet to be studied- Gaming or streaming can earn you a lot of money, and you can opt for it as a career choice. Esports contributes to being a huge part of this field with a $696 million market and comprises a whopping 385.5 million viewers who regularly watch their favorite players and teams fight for glory.

Where does India stand in the Global Market?

This career choice is getting popular in India, but you can say the pace is slow compared to the rest of the world. India has 253.2 million gamers in total in India which comprises of 81% from 16-30 age group. Professional teams and players in India compete with different players/teams globally. People are converting their passion into a full-time job and making their dreams come true. And in addition to that, companies are also contributing to this field by advertising or endorsing their products, which will help streamers earn even more.

The boost of gaming in India is due to the advent of FTTH and 4G. There is an ever-growing competition among companies as well as gamers due to prices. This has helped both parties as there has been a spike in mobile gaming because of 4G introduced in India. FTTH has been deployed in tier-1 cities, which offers high-speed internet over optical fibre directly to individuals’ homes from the ISP. This has increased the service quality to a great extent. If we talk about tier-2 cities, colleges and gaming cafes are acting as hotspots for gamers. Most of the tournaments are hosted in the respective colleges because of the presence of good infrastructure, which very well promotes the growth of gaming.

Various Gaming Tournaments

With esports being on the rise in India, multiple tournaments are announced that comprise unprecedented prize pools. It is helping to dynamically change the industry with the introduction of multiple brands that are helping in flourishing the space. There are various monthly tournaments organized that allow professional gamers to earn ample money to sustain their living. AR and VR gaming are also expected to grow at a rapid rate in India. High-tech mobile phones also offer a great AR gaming experience.


We expect a bright future in India for the gaming industry as people are considering it a perfect career choice that can earn them loads of money. There is a hope that we will see more streamers, professional players getting involved in gaming, and parents are supporting their children in it. More and more companies are investing in India, which will boost the growth of this field and more and more passionate kids in gaming will say, “We want to be professional gamers/streamers.” This day is not far away as we are slowly maintaining pace with the world. If you also want to be a streamer, you can start with GameSee. Download GameSee App that helps in streaming a wide variety of video games and get set on the path of gaming.

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