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Learn English By Playing Video Games

learn english by playing video games

Foster Your English Communication Skills By Playing Video Games It is rightly said, “Video games stimulate the mindset that allows creativity to grow.” The beauty of the English language lies in its universality and ability to communicate, keeping beside the geographical limitations. Where boring and stagnant English learning courses can take time, there is a… Continue reading


Resident Evil 2 Remake Review – A Remake That’s Better Than the Original?

resident evil 2 2019 review

An excellent foundation Capcom has flourished due to the creative force of Hideki Kamiya and Shinji Mikami, the legendary director-producer duo. One of their most iconic titles was Resident Evil 2, an unforgettable battle to save Raccoon City from a mysterious plague. Through young policeman, Leon Kennedy, and his college student companion, Claire Redfield, players… Continue reading